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Your Ultimate Guide To Grow Tulip Garden

Your Ultimate Guide To Grow Tulip Garden

You cannot get your eyes off from the splendid beauty of Tulips. Tulips are large, deep, brightly colored flowers, generally found in shades in red, pink, yellow, and white colors.

The Icon of Spring! Tulips have become synonymous with the season and are said to be among the first signs of spring. One of the most loved flowers, tulips are available in several shapes and heights which make them ideal for gift bouquets and floral arrangements and they are excellent cut flowers as well.

Their bounty of colours and sizes also creates splendid opportunities for your garden canvas and home decor. If you are gardener who is thinking to add colors to your garden, then consider making these bulbous beauties a part of your gardening life now. With continuous cultivation and breeding, these are now available in multiple and variegated flowers.

Now with all these praises showered, you must be thinking these flowers are gonna be hard to grow. But guess what, equipped with correct information, having your own Tulip garden can be a fairly easy deal.

Here is all you need to know to grow your Tulips.

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  • When to grow Tulip bulbs :Tulips are generally planted in the fall or in late summer (between summer and winters).
  • What is the best location to grow Tulip bulbs : Choose a place that gets full sun. In the hottest regions choose a place that is partially shaded. You can always choose a pot or container that is 10 inches deep to plant Tulip. Have a look at pots and planters for container gardening here.
  • What is the best soil for growing Tulip bulbs : Tulips are best to grow in well-drained garden soil. Bulbs that sit in standing water can rot easily, hence avoid standing water. You can check out the best garden soil available at nurserylive.
  • How to plant Tulip bulbs: If you are growing Tulip bulbs, plant bulbs 4 to 6 inches apart from each other, measured from the top of the bulb. If there are larger bulbs it would require deeper holes for healthy growth of Tulips.
  • How to water Tulips: After sowing Tulip bulbs, water thoroughly with a gentle spray or watering can. Maintain an inch of moisture in soil during the growing time, and as mentioned above do not keep standing water, this might just kill the growing bulbs.

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With this information, we are sure that you will find tulips fairly easy to grow and cultivate exotic garden with them. You can pick wide variety of Tulip bulbs from Nurserylive's collection. 

For any advice and assistance leave a comment, nurserylive experts will get in touch with you for all your gardening needs. Happy gardening!!

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