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Why Succulents are perfect first plants?

Why Succulents are perfect first plants?

Growing plants in your windows or the balcony is one of the best ways to have your own private garden. However, as a beginner, you need to choose the plants carefully. While not all plants are great for beginners, succulents are a perfect choice from all aspects. Moreover, they are also one of the best indoor plants for oxygen supply.

To start with, let us take a closer look at succulents.

What are succulents?

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Basically, they are a group of plants with thick, fleshy and tightly-packed leaves that can store water and nutrients. This gives them the ability to survive in low water conditions and during droughts. The prolonged soaking of the succulent roots in water can cause rotting. While they can grow large in outdoor conditions, they tend to remain small when grown indoors.

There are a wide variety of succulents that can survive in different conditions. However, most of them prefer warm and dry weather. When exposed to excessive sunlight, succulent leaves can turn pink or purplish in colour.

Succulents include air plants or Tillandsia, which grow without roots. They are usually hung from walls and fixtures. While most cacti belong to the succulent family, they can have different light and water requirements.

Why succulents are perfect first plants?

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Here are the main reasons that make succulents among the top 5 plants for oxygen supply in your home.

  • They can easily tolerate dry indoor conditions and low humidity. In addition, they also can do fine with infrequent watering.
  • Succulents do not need much fertilizers to stimulate growth. Usually, they have a growing phase during spring and summer and tend to rest during winters. This saves a lot of effort and money at your end.
  • If you are looking to decorate your house with plants, succulents are a great option. In fact, a healthy plant can look like a living sculpture that can change the look of a room. Their unique shapes and attractive foliage make them a great choice for eye-catching indoor decoration.
  • The small size of the succulents makes them fit easily in your balcony or window. They usually grow to match the size of their containers. So you can easily choose small containers to plant them. You can even hang them from the ceiling if needed.
  • Unlike most plants that release carbon dioxide at night, succulents produce oxygen even during dark hours. That makes them some of the highest oxygen producing plants that you can plant indoors. The extra fresh air will surely help you to sleep better at night.

The best succulents for beginners

There are some succulents that not only are the best indoor plants for oxygen but are also forgiving towards mistakes any beginner can make. Here is a list.
Aloe- This is a tough succulent that is super-easy to grow in your home. They are very easy to care for and will grow happily even if you neglect them for some time. Also, there is a wide variety of this plant with different designs. So you can pick one that you like best.

  • Jade Plant - This is another popular choice that is easy to grow. There are even some weird-looking varieties that can add a distinct touch to your indoor décor. All it needs is well-draining soil and bright sunlight.
  • Echeveria- This is a beautiful succulent that can come in many colours apart from green. Make sure that you do not water this plant often as that will cause the roots to rot. You also need to give them the maximum amount of sunlight that is possible.
  • Tiger Jaws- If you are looking for a succulent that can be truly eye-catching, this is the right choice. The best part is, they also produce lovely yellow flowers during fall and winter. It needs well-draining soil and medium to bright light. Watering is to be done only when the soil gets quite dry.

Succulents are one of the most interesting and low-maintenance houseplants that you can grow easily. In addition, they are some of the highest oxygen producing plants and are also easy to propagate. So if you are looking to select some distinct plants for your home garden, succulents are a great choice.

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Leesha - June 22, 2021

I’d love to have plants in my home. But the problem is I stay 6 months per year in Canada. So is there any solution for this. Please advise.

Ajay - June 2, 2021

I bought 04 succulent plants from nurserylive two weeks back. They are growing . I want to know when should I transfer these plants to a bigger container. Can I keep in drawing room.

Mona - April 17, 2021

I plant 2 succulents but they are dead.
I don’t know what to do for them.
Is it possible that the temperature of our home is not suitable for them..please give me answer..I love succulents and I want to buy them but I afraid that may be they will grow or not..

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