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These 12 practices could be killing your plants

These 12 practices could be killing your plants

Are you also fond of houseplants? Beautifying homes with plants and greenery is the easiest way to create a relaxed, cosy, and healthier surrounding. But keeping your plants thriving is not that easy.

Many people try growing plants, but they often go wrong. Do you know what kills plants?. Here is a quick checklist you could go through to understand what is killing your plants and how to avoid plant care mistakes for the next time.

Not Paying Attention to Stress Signals

Analyzing why plants die is similar to thinking why a baby cries. The plants function a lot like humans. They grow healthier in clusters. It allows different varieties of plants to interact with each other while maintaining their micro-environment. Keep your variety of plants together while maintaining enough space for sufficient aeration.

Improper Sunlight

Every time a plant dies, a part of our heart also dies with it. Try to understand the requirements of each plant. Too much or insufficient sunlight can make the plant parts dry and brittle. Shift the plants where they can get the required sunlight.

Extreme Weather Changes

Most plants are susceptible to extreme weather changes. Keeping plants outdoors in the cold can damage them. Shift your railing planters and balcony pots as per the temperature needs. If you want plants outdoors, then purchase some low-maintenance plants that can survive in extreme temperatures. There is a wide range of flower plants and shrubs that are the hardest plants to kill such as succulents and cactuses.

Overwatering the Plants

Overwatering is a common problem that kills plants. Keep your plants in hanging sets, railing planters, and wall hanging pots. If you are looking for ways on how to stop killing plants? This is one of the best ways to stop killing plants which helps solve the problem of overwatering. Keep discs or plates under the growers to check the moisture in the pots.

Not Using the Right Soil

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Purchase the soil that is composed of both minerals and organic matter. Using the wrong kind of soil is one of the typical plant care mistakes. Know about the right soil structure, texture, pour space, composition, organic matter, and other properties before your purchase.

Are Your Pets Peeing on Plants?

Dog urine is rich in urea and nitrogen compounds. It can dry-out and burn leaves and cause infections and plant diseases. Make sure whether this is the reason for killing your plants. Keep your pets away from the garden and douse the area with water.

Not Using the Right Accessories

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Gardening tools are essential to stop killing plants. They can help you clear dirt and debris in the right manner without damaging the plant roots. You can also use these accessories to plant seeds professionally. These accessories can save time and efforts.

Not Adjusting for Seasons

Plants react differently in each season. Every plant is unique in its needs and equally diverse. If you feed your greens the right amount of essentials at the right time, it will help them grow faster and healthier.

Not the Right Pot Planter

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Every plant grows over time. Many times people overlook that the greenery is overgrowing in the existing pots and planters. Insufficiency of the space in the plant holder might be killing your plants. Shift them to large and spacious holders for their better growth.

Less Accessibility

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Vertical gardening looks beautiful and is convenient to take care of. Many people keep houseplants, one by one in a row. It becomes challenging to reach the last plants in a row. As a result, these plants do not get proper care as they are out of reach from everyday access.

It can be easy to access those plants by bringing them down off the ground. On the contrary, one advantage of vertical gardening is that the plants at the top row do get sufficient sunlight.

Growing a Plant Directly in Pots is also killing your Plants

You may wonder how pots can kill plants. In pots, seedlings tend to grow in circles with entangling roots. Grow bags help to alleviate such issues. It controls temperatures, contains the right moisture, and ensures a healthier root system. Plants can be transferred to pots once they are grown.

 Excessive Use of Fertilizers

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One might think that they are feeding their pots with good fertilizers, but then one of the reasons for killing your plants can also be overfeeding - a prevalent plant care mistake. So, stop being a feeder and start becoming a carer. Read the measurements and feeding schedules mentioned on the pack of fertilizers. Follow it and avoid severe problems in plants.

Everybody has the best intentions when they think of house planting. But lack of knowledge, time, and resources leads you to kill your plants. The above-mentioned common plant care mistakes are just part of the path to learning and becoming experts in gardening.

We hope that by the above-stated pointers, you could learn how to stop killing plants? So, it's time to take measures in that direction and move ahead in your goal of a better nursery and happier plants.

To further jazz up your pretty plants, you can accessorize them in pretty planters, use pebbles and miniature garden toys from our collection. This way, you can pamper your plants and the botanist within you as well.

Keep Checking this space for more not so common plant information.

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Radhika Srinivasan - December 20, 2021

my tomato plants are dying inspite of changing the places of the plant. please help

Amit - June 12, 2021

Hi, I am observing a wierd thing, my newly germinated seeds dies after few days. I am seeing some small leaves are cut fully by some creature, and small terminations are completely destroyed. I can see rat feces in my balcony or some other creature’s . Not sure what to do. I am trying neem oil, don’t know if that helps.

Shaziya Mohsin - April 24, 2021

My aloe vera became reddish in colour and is drooping…it was healthy and green and upright before I transferred it to a bigger pot. What should I do now?
Also two of my marigold plants leaves started getting reddish yellowish in color and the plants started wilting and died.

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