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The must follow ‘Plant Care Guide’ for your green buddies

The must follow ‘Plant Care Guide’ for your green buddies

Keeping your garden green and healthy throughout the year is a highly desirable but indeed a daunting task, as it undeniably involves proper planning, plant care and regular maintenance.

Now, if you are wondering how to maintain garden plants, then you need not worry anymore. Here is your must follow plant care guide to help you, which will ensure your plants stay healthy while also beautifying your garden.

How to Keep Outdoor Plants Healthy?

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Healthy plants need nutrient-rich and vigorous soil. Notably, over time, the soil in the garden tends to get degraded and so requires being invigorated. And of course, a well known way to enrich the soil is by adding organic matter or fertilisers into it.

However, it is advisable to use natural fertilisers for your plants such as compost, depending on the type of plant you are growing.

These enhance the moisture in your soil and also the water-retaining ability. It will also aid with transferring nutrients to your plants while improving soil structure coupled with augmenting aeration.

You need to make sure that you use the correct and right amount of fertilizers for plants and apply it optimally as an overdose of fertiliser can do more harm than good to your plants. Worth mentioning, indoor plants most likely do not need fertiliser as often as outdoor plants do.

Adding mulch is another useful method for maintaining the soil moisture of your garden. Not only does mulching material suppresses weeds down but also cools down plant roots while preserving water. Moreover, it will also add organic matter to your soil when it starts to degrade.

How to Keep Indoor Plants Healthy?

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Providing appropriate and enough planting space are another way to keep your plants healthy. This is in case of indoor plants, as most people cluster them together owing to poor space management.

You need to ensure that each plant has sufficient space for free-flowing aeration and proper growth. Plants placed too narrowly together tend to grow up weakly due to the constant struggle for light, water, and other nutrients while growing. These weak plants, in turn, become more vulnerable to diseases and pests.

How to Water Your Plants Properly?

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The golden rule to keep your garden healthy is watering the plants properly, adequately, and at the right time to keep them fresh and healthy. Notably, most of the plants are made up of over 90 per cent of water, so it is vital to keep them properly hydrated.

Avoid over/under watering your plants, as in all probability it is the most common reason a plant does not bloom. While overwatering leads to fungi growth, rotten roots, leaf spots, and unhealthy plants, under-watering, on the other hand, can lead to drying and rotting of the plants.

Understandably, not all plants have the same need for water, so you need to understand what each plant needs. The trick is to notice whether at least one to two inches of the soil is dry.

If it is dry enough, then this is a clear indication that your plant needs water. If the plant leaves have become discoloured or dry or withered, then the plant might need a little more water.

Further, how often you water will also depend upon the weather changes throughout the year. But, of course, plants need less water in the winters and monsoons as compared to summers.

How to Safeguard Your Garden from Pests?

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Well, it needs no mentioning that pests such as gnats, whiteflies and aphids are much more capable of damaging plants more than over watering or over composting. So, if you wish to have a green garden, then the first thing is to thoroughly check that when you are buying plants for your garden, they do not have any pests.

Ascertain that the compost you are getting for your garden is not having any pests in it as these can surely destroy the whole garden within a matter of a few days. When you manure the garden, ensure that it is pest-free. Use the pesticides at regular intervals for protection against pests.

How to Choose Healthy Plants?

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One of the best ways to have attractive and healthy-looking plants in your garden is to ensure that you bring home healthy plants. Getting infected or diseased plants can devastate the entire garden.

So, when you are buying plants for your garden, choose disease-resistant varieties. Check the plants that you are purchasing are free from fungus, discolouration and aphids.

How to take care of your plant's nutrient requirements?

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Everyone desires to have green and leafy plants and excellent grass growth in the garden. Thus, it is essential to provide them with requisite nutrients, mainly nitrogen, potassium and magnesium.

The good part is that there are several home remedies to make plants grow that provide such nutrients. One such simple tip is adding less than half a cup of ammonia in a cup of water and pouring it to your indoor or outdoor plants.

Another easy tip is utilising the used coffee beans as these are rich in nitrogen, magnesium and potassium and can be spread directly on the soil. These enhance the growth of the plants.

How to maintain your plants?

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One of the best and simple plants care tips is to remove the dead leaves and flowers. Additionally, keep trimming, culling, cutting and shredding the excessive growths of the plants.

The regular plant maintenance not only gives your garden a cleaner and more appealing look, but these activities also make your plant healthier and encourage new growth. Thus, this should be an integral part of your regular gardening routine.

Get Started with your Dream Garden!

Unarguably, plant care can be a tricky and an exhaustive task as you need to consider multiple factors such as watering, composting, enriching of soil and many other things.

So, are you a gardening novice looking for a little guidance? We hope this blog helped you out.

Considering your needs, we at Nurserylive bring out informative blogs that will help you get the right, easy and useful tips, recommendation, and problem-solving methods to have your dream garden look beautiful forever! Stay tuned for more.

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