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NASA has revealed that these houseplants can remove up to 87 percent of air toxins in 24 hours!

NASA has revealed that these houseplants can remove up to 87 percent of air toxins in 24 hours!

We all feel the urge to live in a healthy and pollution-free environment. It is not news that the inside air is as polluted as the one outside. All the chemicals used for cleaning and making our surroundings safe from viruses and diseases have a negative impact.

Fortunately, NASA has found the ideal plants that would light up our lives. Several studies have proven that by using houseplants, our concentration and productivity increases as we breathe in toxin-free air. Likewise, pure air reduces stress levels and boosts mood. With just these few facts, the importance of houseplants in closed space is clear enough.

Choose The Plants Wisely

While many plants are suitable for indoors, unless you invest a significant amount of time and research for the selection of plants, everything will go in vain.

Here are some affordable and beautiful NASA-approved houseplants that can remove the toxins efficiently.

1. Aloe Vera

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Most commonly found in homes, Aloe Vera is a plant that is known for its healing abilities. What you might be unaware of is its ability to improve air quality. It removes Benzene from the air that is often found in paint and chemical cleaning agents.

2. Peace Lily

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Peace Lily is a plant that alone can improve indoor air quality by 60%. The leaves of this plant absorb mould spores that grow in homes and circulate them to the roots to be used as food. You can keep this plant inside the bathroom or other moist areas to keep them free from mildew. Peace Lily will absorb harmful vapours of acetone and alcohol, making the breathing air clear and fresh.

3. Spider Plant

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A common houseplant, the spider plant can clear 90% of the contaminants found inside homes in just two days. From moulds to allergens, this plant is medically recommended for people who have allergies to dust. It can even absorb minute traces of formaldehyde and CO2.

4. English Ivy

Buy English Ivy

It is a plant that has the ability to remove airborne faecal matter from the indoors. English Ivy absorbs formaldehyde from cleaning products, carpentry treatments, furniture, etc. You must have seen that it is often kept in offices and indoor gardens to purify the air and absorb the chemicals from office equipment.

5. Boston Fern

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Fern is widely known for its beauty benefits. But many people except gardeners don’t understand that these plants are excellent humidifiers. It can restore moisture to ensure that your skin doesn’t go dry in cold weather. Besides that, they are quite stunning to look at and have a vibrant aura that soothes the mind and mood.

6. Eucalyptus

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Used as a cure and treatment of various ailments, Eucalyptus is a houseplant that is worth keeping inside your home. The plant leaves have tannins that increase the healthy fluids inside the body’s air passages. Just by breathing in the air filtered by these plants, your body will become healthy.

7. Chrysanthemum

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Most people buy chrysanthemums as a gift, but if you know that creating a nursery of these flowers at home can improve the air quality, you’ll do it instantly. These flowers can filter Benzene and other allergens found in products like plastic, paint, glue, furniture, etc.

Now that NASA has told us the best way to breathe in pure air, it’s up to us to follow their suggestions and create a healthy environment. Do your part, and you will be benefiting Mother Nature by creating a nursery of these houseplants!

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Kapil Mahant - June 19, 2021

Never buy from nurserylive, I bought 10 plants worth of Rs3400+ from them, first it took so long and when I have received half of them was dead and 2 of tham was badly damaged. I have forwarded photographs and videos of those plants, but no help from them. Better to get from local nursery instead of these thugs.

Tamil ilakkiya.s - June 3, 2021

My fav work…my life time dream

RIta Garg - April 20, 2021

Hello if I wish to buy all these air purifying plants
How much I have to pay All will be in good condition
I don’t need peace Lilly as already I have

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