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Monsoon- The best time to grow these 5 flowering plants

Monsoon- The best time to grow these 5 flowering plants

“Flowers are like friends; They bring color to your world.” 

Monsoon season is all about enjoying the lively environment and rejoicing the shift in climate after harsh summers. One of the best ways to put your happy time to use is, gardening.

So if you are someone who would try hands at monsoon gardening, here are few suggestions to help you with. 

Blue Glory Vine or Bush Clock Vine:

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Blue Glory is one of the charming plants you can bring home this monsoon. Easy to grow, Blue Glory Vine can sparkle light shade to partial sun.

These beautiful purple trumpets with yellow throats are produced freely from spring to fall.  These are evergreen and can withstand bad weather.


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The king of fragrances, Gardenia or Ghanda raj, is a fragrant flowering evergreen tropical shrub plant. The flowers are white in color and very fragrant blooming in spring and summer. These white beauties can be spectacular to grow in the monsoon. 


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The hardy perennial hibiscus, also called rose mallow or swamp rose, these are red beauty which blooms almost in all seasons. Coming with amazing benefits and beautiful blessings, hibiscus is a hardy plant to grow in the garden. 

Mogra or Jasmine:

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Looking for garden plants that smell incredible in your home, jasmine, or mogra plants are the best choice. Jasmine plant buds lively fragrant flowers. These are mostly used as ornamental or decorative plants. These thrive in the blooming season of summers and monsoons.

The flame tree, Gulmohar:

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Gulmohar is remarkable to plant near your house for beautification. The royal poinciana tree (Delonix regia), also called a flame, or colorful tree because of its flame-colored flowers, is a native of Madagascar.

These enchanting vibrant flowers are spectacular to look at. Try your hand at planting some beautiful flowering trees around your neighborhood.

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