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7 Perks Of Engaging Your Kids In Gardening

7 Perks Of Engaging Your Kids In Gardening

Gardening is enjoyable, but did you know it's also beneficial to your health? Working in the garden, it turns out, reduces stress and does so much more! Especially for your kids.

Gardening is about more than just growing fresh produce, lush greens and colorful flowers. Make it a family activity by allowing your child to assist you in nurturing their own growth. According to research, children's mental health benefits from access to green space. Getting outside is relaxing, and getting outside and doing something is even better.

Gardens of all sizes, whether a few plants on a windowsill, containers on a deck, beds and borders in the yard, or a vegetable plot, can provide significant benefits to you and your kids. Here are some of the things gardens can do for your child :

1. It Reduces Stress

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Gardening is a relaxing hobby. It reduces stress, which helps to improve mental health. It's relaxing to be near a green space. Furthermore, being outside in the sun can alleviate the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This is due to the fact that researchers believe the sun correctly resets the body clock. It also contributes to the production of Vitamin D, also known as "sunshine vitamin."

Depression symptoms can be caused by a vitamin D deficiency. Spending time outside in the garden, therefore helps the body produce the Vitamin D required to reduce depression.

2. It Teaches Them Responsibility

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Allow children their own space and actively encourage them to take ownership of the plants they grow. As a result, when their plants grow, they will feel a sense of accomplishment. As children spend more time in the garden, they will be naturally motivated to think green and preserve the environment!

3. Gardening Can Teach Them Self Confidence and Patience

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It can take weeks, if not months, for a vegetable to be ready for picking or a flower to bloom. Gardening requires patience, but it is well worth the wait! While your kids wait for their green friends to grow, they inculcate the virtue of patience.

Gardening also gives children a sense of accomplishment. Taking care of a plant and seeing their efforts pay off can significantly boost a child's sense of competence.

4. Gardening helps your children eat healthier

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Tired of your children refusing to eat their vegetables? Get them out of the house and into the garden! Kids who work alongside their parents to grow vegetables are more likely to eat them when it comes time for dinner. Even as adults, this habit is maintained.

It's no secret that growing your own fruits and vegetables improves their flavour! The same is true for picky eaters. They will be unable to resist the temptation to try veggies and fruits straight from their garden.

5. It Instills a Sense of Purpose

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You may believe that your child is purpose-filled because of school and afterschool activities, as well as family and friends. Put another way, they can be a source of stress for your child, alleviating many mental health symptoms.

Gardening can provide your child a feeling of purpose while also removing some of the emotional baggage from other elements of his or her life. Doctors who researched gardening as a mental health intervention concluded that it helps patients with cognitive problems enhance their function. Gardening helps children learn new abilities and a sense of belonging through enhancing clarity.

6. Gardening enhances motor and math skills in your kid

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Fine motor skills are developed through activities such as watering, digging, weeding, gathering, and sorting and storing seeds. Gardening also requires the ability to count and measure and hence improve mathematical skills in your child.

Inquire about things like how far apart seeds should be sown. How many do you think you'll be able to plant in each row? What is the recommended amount of water for each plant? Plants will receive how many hours of sunlight every day?
All these questions help them simple maths easily.

7. Helps with Family Bonding

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Gardening is an excellent opportunity to talk with your kids without being distracted by electronics. Working in the garden together as a family helps to establish ties and create lasting memories! It strengthens the bonding between family members and allows your kids to learn from the experiences of the older family members.

Everyone benefits from being outside. It's a simple approach to boost your child's happiness levels. When you combine those advantages with the benefits of regular physical activity and the creation of a feeling of purpose, gardening can significantly improve your child's mental health. Not from where to start when it comes to gardening with kids ? Start here.

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Narasimha PrasadM.N. - September 14, 2021

Very useful message thank you.

Narasimha PrasadM.N. - September 14, 2021

Very useful message thank you.

Narasimha PrasadM.N. - September 14, 2021

Very useful message thank you.

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