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6 Pocket-friendly ideas to jazz up your balcony garden

6 Pocket-friendly ideas to jazz up your balcony garden

Have you ever had a dream of a little garden, with colourful flowers and butterflies hovering all around?  We all some point have dreamt of the same.

And to bring this tale to reality, a balcony garden could be the perfect activity. It is not just an inexpensive activity, but can also build a pleasant aura in your home.

With the living spaces getting smaller day by day, everyone needs ideas on gardening skills for planting low maintenance and space-efficient balcony greens. Imagine waking up in the morning to see freshly bloomed flowers - Awesome! Isn't it? You can bring this to reality conveniently.

Not all homes might be suitable for the traditional gardening style. The space availability, design aspects, lateral and vertical dimensions play a crucial role in determining the type of balcony garden plants you could set up.

Given below is a list of some ideas for you to decide which ones would suit you and nourish the botanist within you.

1. Vertical garden 

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The number of options for open balcony garden ideas never cease. One such balcony garden design idea for beginners could be vertical or wall gardening. Setting up a vertical gardening can be a solution to the space constraint you face while setting up a balcony garden.

Your empty looking dull walls can be adorned with numerous plants to make the utmost use of space and increase the aesthetic value of your balcony garden. 

With the use of some old scrap wood, shelves, or simple hooks, you could set up hanging balcony plants alongside some candle lights to enjoy those quiet, peaceful nights in your balcony. It could be a visual treat for your guests and neighbours.

You can choose from the various flowering and foilage plants when it comes to adorning your vertical garden. Here are few suggestions to help you:

2. Build a micro botany garden

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If you are drawn towards balcony garden design and wish to cultivate something that feels whole and nourishing, a micro botany garden could be your thing. You can have a variety of plants systematically organised into a mini-garden; with the floor area covered by artificial grass to add the touch of a real garden or a lawn.

Your botany garden can be an amalgamation of creative elements like hanging pots, railing plants, pebble, prop decorations, and a lot more. When adding foilage plants you can pick croton, rubber plant, Pandanus or Palms. 

Tiny Terracotta pots with flowering plants like roses and marigolds lined up near the railings can be the limelight of your botanical balcony garden design.

You can also think of growing and veggies and microgreens in your botany garden to start smashing those health goals. While choosing vegetables, focus on easy-to-grow vegetables like spinach, raddishes and tomatoes. You can grow cauliflower, methi or brocolli microgreens to amp up your clean eating game.

Your apartment could become a spot of attraction for your neighbours and guests.

It might be owing to the butterflies hovering and the plant scent spreading in the surroundings. 

3. Bring in the elements that make the best use of space

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When you search for modernity with vibrancy, the best options are the elements that cover the least space with the best design. The rectangle plastic planter kit can help you with the same. These big rectangular planters are an excellent idea for planting a different or the same variety of plants but in bulk within it.

You can go for pretty planter hangers or railing brackets. This way you can put your plants in places where it is not possible to do so otherwise. You can also check out planters of different sizes and materials for an added attractive appeal.

4. Miniature toys for your balcony garden

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Yes, you can create the best miniature setups from some scrap rustic wooden or contemporary metal box, and build your own upcycled nursery out of nothing. You could use accessories such as balcony gardening props of miniature toys.

The food crate or wine crate that you usually get rid of can be developed into your miniature balcony garden by a few creative upgrades.

With a few add-on toys like the plastic miniature ladybugs and small forest signpost, you can create a kid-friendly garden at your apartment.

5. Add unique plants to your garden

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How many of you admire the beautiful and unusual plants and flowers while visiting any nursery? Do you also want others to sneak in the serenity of your balcony garden? Creating that exciting garden is easily possible with Nurserylive.

The Gladious bulbs could give the feel of that unique plant in your garden. You could also add the Ivy growth along the vertical Terra Cottas across the stone wall and railing to charm the passers-by. There are many exotic flower and plant options that can bring diversity in your balcony garden.

6. Keep it Organized

Buy Colored Pots | Railing Planter Brackets

Do you also get upset with the messiness that excessive water and moisture create in the gardens? Then, you might be interested in this houseplant hack that can beautify your home nursery. Balcony gardening for beginners could be quite a lot of fun if done the correct way.

With coloured pots and matching bottom plates, decorated by pebbles of various shapes and textures, your balcony could complement your home interiors very well in terms of your efforts.

The bottom plates could save your floor from any stains of draining water. They also offer an alternative open balcony garden design idea to arrange miniature props around the plate area.

With the above types of small balcony garden ideas, you can choose one or combine multiple ideas for your apartment based on your perspective and vision of your dream apartment balcony garden.

The coloured pebble decor and the hanging flowering plants are the limelights of all kinds of theme-based balcony gardens. You can choose the ones that complement your house decor as well. The idea of owning a personal garden right at your hand’s reach is in itself a thought that excites to the very core.

Enjoying the breeze among the greens and the first rains, and waking up to morning dew drops on plant leaves are achievable dreams if you make proper use of your balcony. Are you looking for ideas to glam up your balcony garden? Check our exciting garden decor accessories` options to make this easy-breezy.

Nurserylive ensures you keep pampering your balcony and the nature-lover in you; have a happy plantation time!

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Samita Basu - October 22, 2021

The plants offered by you are very tempting but I resist from ordering any because once I did and the plants arrived dead .I live in Kolkata and your nursery must be located far away from Kolkata .

Vidya Khobrekar - April 2, 2021

It’s very awesome idea for every nature lover. I really appreciate the whole team of Nursery Live. I m getting every day new ideas from you people.
Thank you very much.

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