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About Venus Flytrap

Venus Flytrap is a most famous carnivorous plant. Venus Flytraps attract their prey using sweet nectar. The Venus flytrap leaves are divided into two regions; a flat, and in heart-shaped. This plant flowers bloom in white color.

Plant Specifications

*above specification are indicative only. actual dimensions may vary by +-10%
Common Name Venus Flytrap
Flower Colour White
Bloom Time Spring
Difficulty Level Easy to grow

Planting and care

  • Keep the potting media moist.
  • Do not water on the plant part.
  • Apply fertilizer in small quantity.

    Venus Flytrap care

    Use potting media as coarse soil, coco peat, and perlite. Keep the environment humid and the soil moist but dont let the plants stand constantly in water.

    Sunlight Partial Sunlight
    Watering Moderately
    Soil Coarse soil
    Temperature 20 to 30 degrees C
    Fertilizer Use any organic fertilizer

    Venus Flytrap special feature

    Attractive leaves color

    Venus Flytrap uses

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Can venus flytraps grow indoors?

    Yes, Venus flytraps can grow indoor where 4-6 hours of direct or indirect bright sunlight is available.

    Are venus flytraps plants?

    Yes, Venus flytraps are carnivorous plants.

    Does venus flytrap need sunlight?

    Yes, it will grow in 4-6 hours of direct or indirect bright sunlight.

    Does venus flytrap have brain?

    No, Venus flytrap doesnt have a brain

    Are venus flytraps animals?

    No, Venus flytrap is a perennial carnivorous plant.

    Where venus flytrap is found?

    It occupies distinct longleaf pine habitats , coastal forests

    Is venus flytrap a carnivorous plant?

    Yes, venus flytrap is a carnivorous plant

    Is venus flytrap a flowering plant?

    Yes, Venus flytrap is a flowering perennial carnivorous plant.

    Are venus flytraps endangered?

    Yes, Venus flytraps are an endangered plant species.

    Do venus flytraps have flowers?

    Yes, Venus flytraps produce white flowers.

    Does venus flytrap do photosynthesis?

    Yes, Venus flytrap do photosynthesis.

    How venus flytraps work?

    The leaves of Venus Flytrap open wide and on them are short, stiff hairs called trigger or sensitive hairs. When anything touches these hairs enough to bend them, the two lobes of the leaves snap shut trapping whatever is inside. The trap will shut in less than a second.

    Venus flytrap eat insects?

    Yes, Venus flytrap is carnivorous plant and it eat insects.

    Do venus flytraps need water?

    Yes, Venus flytraps need water. Water the plant when(1-2 inch) layer of soil feels dry to touch.

    Is venus flytrap a succulent?

    No, Venus flytrap is not a succulent

    Do venus flytraps live in the rainforest?

    Yes, Venus flytraps live in the rainforest.

    Are venus flytraps hard to grow?

    No, Venus flytraps are not hard to grow.

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      Yes, the plant is original but currently out of stock.

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