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Pachira Single Bud - Plant

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pachira is a tropical plant also called money tree

The plant is also known as Malabar chestnut or Saba nut. Money tree plants often have their slender trunks braided together and are a low maintenance option for artificially lit areas. Money tree plant care is easy and based upon just a few specific conditions.

Plant Specifications

*above specification are indicative only. actual dimensions may vary by +-10%
Common Name Money tree
Maximum Reachable Height Upto 60 ft in their native habitat.
Flower Colour na
Bloom Time April to frost
Difficulty Level easy to medium

Planting and care

  • If your home is on the dry side, you can increase the humidity by placing the pot on a saucer filled with pebbles.
  • Keep the saucer filled with water and the evaporation will enhance the humidity of the area.
  • The plant should be repotted every two years in a clean peat mixture.
  • Try not to move the plant around a lot.
  • Money tree plants dislike being moved and respond by dropping their leaves.Also keep them away from drafty areas.
  • Move your Pachira money tree outside in summer to an area with dappled light, but don, t forget to move it back in before fall.
  • The Pachira plant rarely needs to be pruned but as part of your annual money tree plant care, take off any damaged or dead plant material.

    Pachira Single Bud care

    Plants are often grown as bonsai specimens and house plants, being very tolerant of drought and shade.

    Sunlight Full sun to partial shade.
    Watering These plants like a moderately humid room and deep but infrequent watering. Water the plants until the water runs from the drainage holes and then let them dry out between watering.
    Soil Plant the tree in peat moss with some gritty sand.
    Temperature The best temperatures are 60 to 65 F. (16-18 C.).
    Fertilizer Remember to fertilize every two weeks as part of good money tree plant care. Use a liquid plant food diluted by half. Suspend fertilizing in winter.

    Pachira Single Bud uses

    Ornamental Use:

    • The tree is also planted as a street tree, to provide shade and as an ornamental in gardens

    Medicinal Use:

    • The skin of the immature green fruit is used in the treatment of hepatitis
    • The bark is used medicinally to treat stomach complaints and headaches
    • A cold water infusion of the crushed leaves is used to treat a burning sensation in the skin

    Culinary Use:

    • Seed - raw or cooked
    • The raw seed tastes like peanuts, when roasted or fried in oil it has the flavour of chestnuts
    • The roasted seeds taste like cocoa
    • The seed can be ground into a flour and used to make a bread
    • The roasted seed is sometimes used to make a beverage
    • The seeds yield 58% of a white, inodorous fat which, when refined, is suitable for cookingYoung leaves and flowers - cooked and used as a vegetable
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to plant pachira money tree?

    To plant consider the following points.
    1. To grow plant in pot, choose a pot having of 7-10 inch upper diameter and drainage holes.
    2. Fill the 1/3 pot with well drained soil which is rich in organic content and place the plant in the center of the pot.
    3. Fill the remaining pot with same soil.
    4. Keep the plant in indirect bright light location for 2-3 days and then gradually move to a location that receives at least 1-3 hours of direct or indirect bright sunlight.
    5. Once the plant is overgrown in current pot, plant it in field. If you are planting purchased plant directly in ground follow below procedure.
    1. Keep the plant in indirect bright light for 3-4 days and gradually move to a location receiving direct or indirect bright sunlight for 1-3 hours a day.
    2. Dig a pit twice the size of the bag/pot the current plant is in.
    3. Fill the 1/3 of pit with soil rich in organic content, place the plant in center and fill the pit with same soil.
    4. Apply water. General caring tips- Plant should get 1-3 hours of direct or indirect bright sunlight a day. Water the plant when surface soil (1-2 inch) feels dry to touch. Apply any organic fertilizer during the main growing season (June July).

    How often to water pachira plant?

    1. Water when top soil (1-2 inches) feels dry to touch.
    2. Water thoroughly in the summer and reduce watering in winter and rainy season.

    Note - For further details check the product description on

    Where to put pachira plant?

    You can keep Pachira indoor or outdoor where at least 1-3 hours of direct or indirect bright light is available.

    How to plant pachira from seeds?

    To grow Pachira plant through seed consider the following points
    1. Use a pot having 7-10 inch upper diameter and drainage holes.
    2. Fill the pot with well drained soil. To sow seeds make a hole about 1/2 inch in soil, place seeds in it, cover with soil and apply water.
    3. Maintain the moisture in soil by applying water if soil in pot (1-2 inch) feels dry to touch.
    4. Keep the pot at a location receiving indirect bright light. Seeds will germinate within a 2-4 week.

    Note - For further details check the product description on

    How to propagate pachira plant?

    Pachira plant is propagated by seed and cuttings.
    1. To propagate take pencil size cutting of well mature stem to a length of 16-18 cm and remove any flowers, leaves from it.
    2. Then dip bottom of the cutting in rooting hormone, and Place the 3/4 portion cutting into a small container with well-draining soil and water the cuttings.
    3. Rooting will start within 1-2 week.

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    What is pachira plant?

    Pachira aquatica is a tropical wetland tree in the mallow family Malvaceae

    How to care for pachira plant?

    Caring tips to grow Pachira plant
    1. Sunlight- At least 1-3 hours of direct or indirect bright sunlight is required.
    2. Soil- Soil should be well drained, fertile and nutrient rich.
    3. Water- Water the plant when 1-2 inch surface soil layer feels dry to touch.
    4. Fertilizer - Apply any organic fertilizer during the main growing season (June-July).

    Note - For further details check the product description on

    Is pachira plant poisonous?

    No Pachira plant is non-poisonous.

    Can pachira aquatica be planted outside?

    Yes you can grow Pachira plant outside where at least 1-3 hours of direct or indirect bright sunlight is available.


    What is a Pachira plant?

    A Pachira plant is a popular houseplant also known as the Money Tree. It is a tropical tree native to Central and South America.

    How do you care for a Pachira plant?

    Pachira plants thrive in bright, indirect sunlight and should be watered when the top inch of soil feels dry. They prefer well-draining soil and benefit from regular fertilization.

    Can Pachira plants grow in low light?

    While Pachira plants prefer bright, indirect sunlight, they can tolerate lower light conditions. However, they may grow more slowly and produce fewer leaves.

    How often should you water a Pachira plant?

    Pachira plants should be watered when the top inch of soil feels dry. Depending on the conditions, this may be once or twice a week.

    What type of soil is best for Pachira plants?

    Pachira plants prefer well-draining soil that is rich in organic matter. A mixture of peat moss, perlite, and sand is ideal.

    Can Pachira plants be propagated?

    Yes, Pachira plants can be propagated through stem cuttings. Cut a 6-inch stem section and plant it in moist soil. Keep the soil moist until the cutting roots.

    How tall can Pachira plants grow?

    Pachira plants can grow up to 10 feet tall when planted in the ground. As a houseplant, they typically grow to about 6 feet tall.

    Do Pachira plants produce flowers?

    Pachira plants can produce small, fragrant flowers in the right conditions. However, they are primarily grown for their attractive foliage.

    Do Pachira plants need to be pruned?

    Pachira plants do not need to be pruned, but you can remove any dead or yellowing leaves to keep the plant looking healthy.

    Can Pachira plants be grown outdoors?

    Pachira plants can be grown outdoors in tropical or subtropical climates. They are frost-sensitive and should be protected from temperatures below 50°F.

    Do Pachira plants need a lot of fertilizer?

    Pachira plants benefit from regular fertilization with a balanced fertilizer. Fertilize once a month during the growing season.

    Can Pachira plants tolerate dry conditions?

    Pachira plants prefer moist soil but can tolerate slightly dry conditions. However, they should not be allowed to completely dry out.

    How fast do Pachira plants grow?

    Pachira plants grow relatively slowly, especially as a houseplant. They typically produce 1-2 new leaves per month.

    Do Pachira plants attract pests?

    Pachira plants are relatively pest-resistant but may attract spider mites or mealybugs. Regularly inspect the plant for signs of infestation and treat as necessary.

    Can Pachira plants be grown in water?

    Pachira plants can be grown in water, but they will not grow as well as they would in soil. Change the water every few weeks to keep it fresh.

    Can Pachira plants be bonsai'd?

    Pachira plants can be trained as bonsai trees with the proper pruning and shaping. However, they may not produce the same size and shape as traditional bonsai trees.

    Are Pachira plants toxic to pets?

    Pachira plants are non-toxic to pets and safe to have in a home with cats and dogs.

    How often should Pachira plants be repotted?

    Pachira plants should be repotted every 2-3 years or when the roots outgrow the current pot.

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