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Indoor Lucky & Vastu Plants

Money Plant, Scindapsus (Green) - Plant

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The Money plant (Pothos) is easy to grow climber plant. E. aureum (Scientific name) is an evergreen vine.

Money Plant Marble Queen - Plant

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Money plant have unique place in houseplants grown indoors. It is common belief that having money plant at home brings wealth, health, prosperity and happiness. They are climbers by nature

Money plant Marble queen (Hanging basket) - Plant

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You can decorate your balcony with Money plant Marble queen which is in the hanging basket.

Lohri Special Plants for Good Luck

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This pack contains the best 3 plants that you can keep at home along with 3 pots. Keeping plants at home is the best thing that you can gift to yourself.

Top 5 Vastu Shastra Plants

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Placing live Vastu Shastra plants in your home and office helps balance the flow of positive energy.

Rainbow Flowering Plants

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Plants are a powerhouse of wellness for your home. Specially designed to add rainbow color to your garden. * This pack contains 7 plants with 7 pots.

Bamboo Multi Head - Plant

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The utility and impact of multi head bamboo use is far reaching and can been seen throughout the world.

Bamboo Multi Roots - Plant

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The utility and impact of Bamboo Multi Roots use is far reaching and can been seen throughout the world.

Heart Shape Bamboo - Plant

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Heart Shape Bamboo plants make perfect gifts for any occasion and can symbolize ingredients to a happy life.

About Indoor Lucky & Vastu Plants

As you place a new plant in your home or garden and wish for it to grow well, live for time long, and prosper, isn’t it the wonderful magic of nature that the same plants, in return, can wish the same for you? They can even bless you with the same growth, prosperity, luck, wealth, and health. Many indoor plants are believed to bring prosperity and good luck.

Vastu Shastra is applicable to plants in your house as well. Some plants play a very important role as they energize our surroundings. Indoor plants add an aesthetic appeal to the house. There are some indoor plants which are contemplated inauspicious. Hence, Vastu Shastra recommends that the plants within your home need to be chosen with utmost care and be placed in the right direction so that they shower positivity and wellbeing on the residents hosting them.

Indoor Lucky and Vastu plants are come various in the shape, size, and attractive foliage or flower color. These plants add the interiors decoration too. We must not know which plants to place but in Feng Shui where to place plants is also important. In the same way, there are certain rules in Vastu that one needs to follow with respect to choice of plants and their placements.

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