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Top 10 Rose Plants To Bring Essence of Love In Your Life

Top 10 Rose Plants To Bring Essence of Love In Your Life

If there is one flower that deserves the crown of beauty and poise, amalgamated in one, it has to be Rose. Roses are perennial multi-hued flowering plants that are native to Asia. These graceful plants range from climbers to erect shrubs and exude one of the most pleasant fragrance.

From epitomising love, passion, enthusiasm, gratitude, friendship to purity, wisdom, peace and joy, a rose maintains its unmatched status at being the best amongst the rest. Be it for ornamental purposes, garden aesthetics or simply aromatic splendour, roses have long been a gardener’s favourite.

A bloomed rose plant in your home garden will certainly attract anyone with its striking beauty and aroma. Taking help from our list of Top 10 Rose Plants, bring home these exquisite pieces of beauty and adorn your garden perfectly. Let’s dig in then!

1. A Pop of Colour and Tint of Freshness- Damascus Rose

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A rose that even Shakespeare couldn’t resist but fell in love with- Damascus Rose. Damascus Rose Plant is one of the oldest hybrids known in history. This pink beauty has edible flower petals and is also used in making perfumes, rose water, herbal tea, food flavouring and gulkand.

Damascus Rose is a shrub that loves sunlight and thrives in well-drained fertile soil. Its stem has stiff bristles and curved prickles, along with small aromatic flowers protruding from it. If you are an admirer of real rose scent and want to embrace your home with it, Damascus rose is your perfect pick.

2. The Princess of Beauty- Miniature Roses

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This year-round flowering plant is one of the most versatile of the lot to beautify your garden landscape. Miniature Rose symbolises grace, sweetness, and femininity, which makes the small multi-hued flower more alluring.

Miniature Rose petals are widely used in making marmalade, herbal tea and jams. Also known as the Button Rose plant, it blossoms well when given enough sunlight, well-drained soil and organic fertilisers.

3. The Epitome of Romance - Gladiator Roses

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Besides its enchanting beauty and fragrance, a gladiator rose plant also boosts your garden décor and is an excellent ingredient for jams, marmalade, syrup, and herbal tea. Apart from being a great stress reliever, Gladiator Rose is a famous romance flower.

A Gladiator Rose needs a generous amount of nutrients through organic fertiliser, sufficient sunlight and well-drained soil. This majestic rose makes for a perfect tint on your garden canvas.

4. The Fashionista Flower- Creeper Roses

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The Creeper Rose Plant is a native Asian flowering shrub that blooms large aromatic flowers, mesmerising the beholder. A Creeper Rose needs moderate watering and good sunlight and thrives with minimal care.

Excellent for small space, a creeper rose climbs up vertically to elegantly drape the area and adorn it with flowers. If you have restricted space and want to enhance the aesthetics with some plants, keep this on top of your shopping list.

5. The Queen Gardener- English Roses

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A rose that exudes romance with its cupped blooms and intoxicating scent, the English Rose is a hybrid that dates back its history to 1969. With direct sunlight, regular watering and minimal care, English Roses can make your garden landscape a delight.

This weather-resistant plant tickles the senses with its tea rose scent, a hint of citrus, and mild honey-like aroma for perfect mornings and evenings. Its mere presence will fill the air with romance, which makes it a great gifting option for your partner.

6. The Bouquet of Vibrance- Rambler Roses

Rambler Roses are shrubs with long and flexible stems that can easily go over archways and cover a tree or empty wall to make it look beautiful. They rapidly produce small blooms in a bunch during spring and summer, which will make your green landscape brimming with flowers.

It is a perfect plant for outdoors that flourishes beautifully with minimal care; direct sunlight, and well-drained soil. Use a Rambler Rose Plant to screen your wall for privacy or fill a large open space in your garden and enjoy the varied colours with their aroma.

7. The Tiara of Sweet Scent- Alba Roses

Popularly known as the Old Garden Roses for their graceful flowers, Alba Roses bloom once a year during mid-summer. Even though an Alba Rose will tolerate shade more than any other rose, it would still want direct sunlight to blossom to its full glory.

To give your garden a bountiful look and immerse it in the ocean of charismatic scent, Alba Rose is the right choice.

8. The Wreath of Beauty- Bourbon Roses

Bourbon Rose is famous for its ancient history and large, full, fragrant flowers. Bourbon roses are highly adaptable, which requires shade and rich soil to produce vigorous blooms used in ornaments.

The symbol of reunion, Bourbon Rose, holds a very special place among the rose species and keeping one in your garden is believed to bring positive energy in life.

9.The Red-Carpet Elegance- Grandiflora Roses

A hybrid plant that boasts of length and high-centred blooms, Grandiflora Rose is a large and radiant citrusy fragrance flower that grows into golden-yellow blooms. A Grandiflora Rose Plant demands moist soil and direct sunlight and can withstand all weather conditions.

Most famous as a symbol of love and romance, having a Grandiflora rose at home can spark romance in your life.

10. The Embodiment of Love- Sweetheart Roses

A rose that speaks volumes of sweetness and love, the Sweetheart Rose Plant is the epitome of beauty with a pleasant scent. Blooming every early fall, Sweetheart Rose Plant can create a lively and bountiful garden.

The Sweetheart Rose Plant is a petite version of the standard rose plant, making it perfect for limited space.

Alongside being a carrier of exquisite fragrance and love, roses can envelop your home with delightful colours. There are myriad uses of rose plants, and they make for a great gift option or garden revamping accessory.

Pick your favourite from this list and start a never-ending love story in your garden, which brings warmth and elegance every passing day.

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Anshu Rastogi - December 20, 2021

I tried for Rose planation in pots many times but success. Even Gardner informed that not possible for plantation in pots.

Please revert

kamlesh padmanathan - July 14, 2021

I want creeper roses and rambler roses. Basically want roses in creeper. Please inform when they are in stock.

Susanta Saha - June 9, 2021

Do you have the old hybrids like Montezuma, Paradise, Morning glory (Yellow) roses ? These were in my collection in my childhood

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