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Top 10 Plants To Beautify Your Terrace Garden

Top 10 Plants To Beautify Your Terrace Garden

Terrace gardens have become increasingly popular in urban and rural areas. Growing every type of plant is possible because of direct sunlight availability. If you are planning a similar setup for your terrace garden, read the top 10 plants to beautify your terrace garden and their correct soil, light, and water requirements.

1. Areca Palms

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Once an endangered species, the areca palm is now present in almost every street during warm climates. These tall and eye-catching palms look like bamboos with smooth trunks that appear like the clumps of bamboo.

While they are often grown as houseplants, many people grow them outdoors to create a natural privacy screen.

  • Soil: The plant requires a slightly acidic soil that comes with a pot having good drainage.
  • Light: Areca Palms prefer bright and filtered sunlight as direct exposure to full sun can damage the foliage of the plant.
  • Water: Whenever the soil begins drying out.

2. Croton Petra

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Also known as codieaum variegatum in botanical terms, croton petra comes with a splash of colors on green leaves. This bushy plant is characterized in veins of scarlet, lemon, and auburn colors that make it look lively in a terrace garden.

  • Soil: The soil must be well-drained and rich in humus.
  • Light: The plant requires bright sunlight for about 6 hours a day.
  • Water: The plant requires water once a week. In between the gaps, mist the plant frequently as it needs humidity for growth.

3. Arabian Jasmine

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Mogra or Arabian Jasmine is a short shrub that comes with wavy margins. You can grow this plant, having almost stalk-less leaves, as a short climber on your terrace garden. It bears heavily scented white flowers that come in a cluster of three to twelve.

  • Soil: Properly drained soil with organic matter like cow manure.
  • Light: The plant needs bright sunlight for proper growth, but it can also be grown in partial shade.
  • Water: The plant is only watered during the flowering season, and the plant is never watered in November as it gives them some time to rest.

4. Ixora plant

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Also known as ixora coccinea or flame of the woods, these plants come with small flowers that are put together in a round form. They have a compact shape with dense stems that flower throughout the year.

  • Soil: The plant prefers acidic soil and if the leaves of the plant are of yellow shade, the fertilizer must have high nitrogen in it.
  • Light: Ixora blooms well with direct sunlight and partial shade for the majority portion of the day.
  • Water: The plant must be watered regularly, and it must be soaked well once a week (lesser during winter).

5. Ficus Microcarpa Plant

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Ficus microcarpa is a plant that grows 18-inch and spreads 7-inches with its smooth bark that appears light greyish. Usually, these plants are planted as an ornamental addition to a terrace garden for enhancing its beauty.

  • Soil: Fertile and well-drained soil for the proper growth of ficus.
  • Light: The plant must be kept outdoors or indoors under bright sunlight. However, it must be protected from harsh sun rays as they could damage the foliage.
  • Water: Water only when the top 2-3 inches of the soil feels dry.

6. Marigold

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People prefer growing marigold during warm climates as the plant grows with little maintenance. The flowers of these flowering plants are used for decoration.

  • Soil: The plant prefers moderately rich soil with a pH level of 6.5 to 7.
  • Light: It must be placed under bright sunlight from direct or indirect exposure.
  • Water: Soak the soil completely while watering it. Normally, the plant must be watered only once a week. During the rainy season, the water of the rainfall is enough for the plants.

7. Hyacinth

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In its true form, Hyacinth blooms with white and different colored flowers like blue and purple to increase the visual appeal of any terraced garden. These plants can be used as table flowers or indoor plants as well.

  • Soil: It requires moderately rich and well-drained soil.
  • Light: Hyacinth requires bright sunlight or partial shade for proper growth.
  • Water: During the non-rainy seasons, water the plant once in two or three weeks.

8. Bougainvillea

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These plants are very easy to manage as they are pest and disease-free. The plant improves the beauty of any terraced garden with its pleasant appearance and rich fragrance.

  • Soil: Well-drained soil with organic content.
  • Light: Direct sunlight for 5 hours every day.
  • Water: Water the plant sparingly.

9. Aloe Vera

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Also used for medicinal purposes, aloe vera soothes the body and skin effectively. The plant is insect resistant, and it thrives well in any conditions - indoors or outdoors. These appealing plants have healing properties, and they can be used in case of any burns, skin ailments, and cuts.

  • Soil: Well-drained and sandy pots are perfect for the growth of this plant.
  • Light: Place it on the south or west-facing windows to give it the required indirect bright light.
  • Water: Only water when the mud appears totally dry.

10. Syngonium

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This semi-tropical plant is suited for the Indian climate. Also known as the arrowhead vine, this climber can be used as a tabletop plant. Light green in color, these plants are short and beautiful to add a light shade of greenery to a terrace garden.

  • Soil: Grow this plant in a mixture of leaf mould and coarse sand.
  • Light: Bright light or partial shade is required by this plant.
  • Water: Only when the soil begins drying out.

Caring for terrace garden plants requires patience and dedication. The plants mentioned in this article vary from low to high maintenance. Are you thinking of getting a couple of these for your balcony garden? Find the best terrace garden plants on Nurserylive today.

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