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Top 10 Plants to Add to Your Balcony Garden

Top 10 Plants to Add to Your Balcony Garden

Be it small or large, a balcony filled with vibrant coloured plants is what many of us dream of. For some, it is the reflection of their creative intellect, and for some, it's just a fun hobby.

Balconies hold a special place in everyone’s heart because this is the one place where people can enjoy the natural surroundings even in the hustle-bustle of a city.

So, what are the right picks for your balcony?

Keeping in mind their availability in different colours, sizes and textures, we have listed the 10 best balcony plants that will level up your balcony’s aesthetic beauty instantly.

Our experts from Nurserylive have handpicked the best houseplants for the balcony. So let’s dive into our list of Top 10 Plants to Add to Your Balcony Garden.

1. Adenium

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Adenium is commonly known as the Desert Rose. This plant is fairly easy to grow and maintain throughout the year.

Desert Rose looks much like a bonsai because of its thick caudices. It has fascinating pink and red blooms. Adenium in pots with drainage hole are perfect for its air circulation through the roots and give your balcony natural touch.

If you want to spend less time caring and watering the plants, then this houseplant is for you. These leaves are succulent and grow more like bushes than trees. These adenium plants look best when arranged in sets.

2. Aglaonema

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If you are looking to add a few other colours in your balcony garden apart from lush green, then try a blend of red.

Aglaonema will enhance the beauty of your balcony with upright and patterned leaves as it comes in a variety of leaves, shapes and colours.

However, the red foliage looks most exquisite and blends beautifully with the other green leaves and blooms. These plants can thrive well in hot to moderate climates.

Aglaonema is an excellent indoor as well as the outdoor plant. You can even add it to your room’s corner or between two adjacent couches to adorn the space.

3. Areca Palm

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Areca Palm or Dypsis lutescens is one of the easiest palms to keep in your balcony. It is also called the yellow butterfly palm because of its evergreen foliage and yellow-green texture with clumps of leaves.

Areca Palms grow best in summers, that too up to two feet. These classes of palms need 1-3 hours of indirect sunlight and the remaining hours of bright light to thrive. Water them once a week to make sure that the soil does not dry up.

For this reason, Areca Palms are considered the best outdoor houseplants and are most commonly found in Indian households.

4. Coleus

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Coleus is reminiscent of the Croton plants. Victoria Gardens in the UK were famous for these lively plants.

Coleus is known for the variety of coloured foliage including green, maroon, yellow, pink, etc. These plants adjust well to hanging pots or can be added to large pots in sets.

If you have a dark-dabbing corner in your balcony, this colourful foliage can be the best addition to these corners. Most Coleus plants grow well in indirect or partial sunlight.

When kept in the shade, the leaves of these plants enhance with vibrant colours. Coleus plants may range from one foot to eight feet and are an excellent addition to your balcony garden.

5. Allamanda Creeper

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Apart from dwarf plants and clump foliage, your balcony is incomplete without hanging or crawling creepers.

Allamanda Creepers grow as a shrub with clusters of yellow-bell shaped blooms up to four inches long. The best part of these plants is that their blooms thrive throughout the year and all seasons.

These creepers love bright sunlight and go wild in temperatures of 25° to 30°C. Though they do not have tendrils, Allamanda can grow as vine too with support.

6. Cupressus Golden

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If you are fond of spiky Conifers, then Cupressus Golden is the best choice to add to your balcony plants.

Cupressus have branched and golden-green foliage that does well throughout the year. The leaves of this conifer can grow up to 30 cm and spread up to 15 cm. These Cupressus Golden plants can grow as high as 20 ft.

Cupressus is an excellent ornamental plant with high-hedges that offers living privacy screens and can be placed singly in any corner of your balcony.

7. Plumeria

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Plumeria or Champa is a stunning Balcony plant that attracts pollinators throughout the year. It comprises thick pointed leaves with a cluster of waxy blooms that grow at the end of the branches.

These plants usually need wide pots of around seven inches because of its clustered leaves and crowded branches throughout. Plumeria blooms have three variants- pink, white and yellow.

They are sun-loving plants and need direct sun for at least four to six hours a day. If you are fond of tall dark-green leaves with clustered blooms, then this plant is for you.

8. Portulaca Oleracea

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Portulaca, popularly known as Purslane, consists of fleshy green leaves with clusters of notched 5-6 petals that bloom at the end of the stem.

The stem is mostly purplish to red. Portulaca oleracea has edible flowers with herbal benefits.

While planting two such plants, make sure to keep them half a meter apart as they spread horizontally. Portulaca can be a great addition to your balcony set up in hanging baskets.

9. Rubber Plants

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Rubber plants are easy to grow plants that are common in most households. One of the reasons for its prevalence is that it purifies the air.

They have glossy, thick and waxy leaves which are elliptical in shape. The plants do well in indirect sunlight with adequate amounts of watering.

These long glossy leafed plants, spread up to six inches, and will give an elegant look to your external space.

10. Schefflera

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Schefflera is the most popular houseplants for balconies. One of the fascinating things about it is the decorative, shiny and variegated leaves.

Moreover, the plants are less demanding and can thrive well in partial sunshade. Schefflera might need more of your attention as compared to other plants.

It should be watered once a week during the growing season and sprayed frequently. One of the many reasons to keep it in your balcony is because of its air purifying property.

If you need a perennial plant and love spending some time gardening, this plant is for you.

Plants are one of the best pocket-friendly ways to jazz up your balcony. Out of various balcony plants, we have handpicked the top choices for you.

Depending on the size of your balcony, you can decide the best plant to grow in your outer space. Head to and pick your favourite plant and get ready to turn your dream balcony into reality today!

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Prof. PRAVEEN MATHUR - April 30, 2021

I would love to have these plants. I was a regular customer of nurserylive, but owing to one consignment I have stopped buying from you and getting plants from local nurseries or elsewhere. You can find my grievance by my mail also. I was promised that you shall be sending the consignment to me again but God knows what stopped you from doing it.
Any ways I haven’t written reviews criticizing you in a hope that good sense shall prevail on you some day.
Professor Praveen Mathur – Head Environmental Science, MDS University, Ajmer

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