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Top 10 Plants for Office Desk

Top 10 Plants for Office Desk

A person spends a majority of their time in the office. A beautiful work station is the least that one deserves!

The picture of an ideal office desk is incomplete without a shiny green plant. It is a sight for sore eyes.

The purpose of a plant on an office desk is not just to serve as an ornamental piece. Using a plant that is a natural air purifier will also make sure that you are inhaling toxin-free air while you work for hours.

We have curated a well-thought-out list of the  Top 10 Plants for Office Desk . Read up here.

1. Money Plant

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The Money Plant is a symbol of prosperity and good fortune. Placing this plant on your office desk brings a positive vibe and a promise of success in all your career ventures.

It is a NASA recommended air purifier that will help you stay more focused and healthy while you work. The low-maintenance feature is just another pro.

2. Syngonium

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This plant is extremely hassle-free, as it does not require a lot of sunlight to grow and is thus an excellent fit for your desk. It is a great air cleanser as well.
It fits the definition of minimalistic and will go well with a minimalistic office theme.

3. Anthurium

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The Anthurium plant is a rare indoor flowering plant that has detoxing qualities. Its attractive pink spathes make it eye-catching and aesthetically appealing.
This plant is a symbol of hospitality and will be a brilliant addition to your workstation.

4. Peace Lily

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Also called Spathiphyllum, this plant has broad, deep green leaves. The plant is extremely low maintenance and easy to handle; even accidental overwatering is not a problem.
It grows well in low light areas and is remarkable at removing toxins from the air.

5. ZZ Plant

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The ZZ plant is a common office plant perfect for your workstation. A look at this plant will make you feel calm and refreshed.

It is effortless to grow and take care of. One of its most well-known qualities is that it can grow anywhere it is planted, regardless of the light conditions.

6. Snake Plant

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This plant is also called Sansevieria Trifasciata. It is a stemless evergreen plant, perfect for indoor settings. It has the property of getting rid of toxins in the air and is a good option for air-conditioned rooms as it can sustain in low temperatures. It’s wave-like, or snake-like appearance gives it a vibrant and elegant look.

7. Star Cactus

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Also called Haworthia Retusa, this perennial plant looks thick and almost translucent. Its star-shaped rosettes are green in colour and have a shiny glaze on them.

It needs to be placed under sunlight for long periods throughout the day, thus it works best if you have a window near your desk. While taking care of Star Cactus, you should be wary of over-watering.

8. Spider Plant

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The Spider Plant gets its name from the spider-like plantlets that hang out from the mother plant and give the plant a spider-web look. This plant is super good at creating a toxin-free environment in its surroundings. It does so by getting rid of commonly found toxins like formaldehyde.

Also called Chlorophytum, it is one of the best indoor plants that have no issues in growing in low-light conditions. This makes for a beautiful and useful office desk plant.

9. Aglaonema Lipstick Plant

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This plant is also referred to as the Chinese evergreen plant or Aglaonema Siam Aurora. It has a colourful foliage and is a great natural air purifier. Even a person with no gardening knowledge can take care of this plant.

It can also grow very well in limited light and AC rooms, thus making it perfect for your office space.The pink and green appearance of this office desk plant is sure to uplift your spirits when you feel tired from all that work!

10. Lucky Bamboo

This is one of the most widely known indoor plants. It is a symbol of prosperity, wealth, good fortune and positive energy. Chances are, if you don’t buy this yourself, you might just end up receiving it as a gift from well-wishers! This plant is truly versatile and even comes in different shapes and sizes.

Simple to maintain, Lucky Bamboo can grow well in dimly lit rooms. Placing a Lucky Bamboo plant along with classy-looking marbles will up your table’s aesthetic game.

An office desk plant can have many positive effects on your productivity. They will take care of not only your mental health but also your physical health.
Placing a plant on your workstation will make it look much more inviting and also attract positivity.

The cherry on top is that they also purify the surrounding while you work hard. With nurserylive, you can find and purchase plants that are a perfect fit for your office desk. We offer a variety of plants for all your needs.
Check out the website to your desired office desk plant today!

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deepak lembhe - April 28, 2021

Good Images & Information

Michael Karan - April 28, 2021

These plants are very beautiful and very important in this corona period…
Air purifiers plant I loved it…
Giving the frish air ( O2 ) …
Very beautiful and very useful plants………..

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