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Top 10 Lucky Plants To Change Your Life

Top 10 Lucky Plants To Change Your Life

Plants are considered our good friends for many reasons. One, they are a great source of oxygen and second, they reduce the toxins from the air, including benzaldehyde and formaldehyde.

And, who doesn’t love some lush green beauty and refreshing vibe in their space?

Here’s another thing that these green friends do; they bring good luck to you. Some plants are known to bring positivity and good omen to houses and offices when kept at a certain position.

Our experts from Nurserylive have handpicked the Top 10 Lucky Plants  that are said to bring wealth and prosperity to your life and home.

1. Jade Plant

jade plant

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Jade Plant has small fleshy, thick leaves with broad stems that are fit for any spot in your home. This plant is also known as the door of success and prosperity as it brings you positive energy.

Jade Plant is considered best for people with Cancer ascendant.According to Feng Shui practices, Jade Plant holds different benefit for different directions:

  • It brings family harmony and health when kept in East locations
  • When kept in the West direction, it brings creativity and children luck.
  • In southeast locations, it brings wealth.

2. Money Plant

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Money Plant is one of the most popular plants found in Indian and Chinese households. This plant is said to repel the negative energy and attract wealth.

This green climber even cuts down the toxic elements from the air, making it pure and rejuvenating. The best part is that Money Plants can thrive well in soil or just an old glass bottle with water.

As per Vastu and Feng Shui, Money Plant should be kept in the South-East direction of your room as this direction brings wealth and prosperity.

3. Lucky Bamboo


lucky bamboo

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This plant can’t stay out of this list because of its name. Lucky Bamboo is not just lucky but also a versatile plant.

It is also said that Lucky Bamboo brings luck to those who take care of it. In Chinese and Asian culture, this plant is one of the most common gifts for housewarming events.

This elegant plant can be the perfect addition to your home decor as it needs no special care. Just put it in a glass or plastic vase and add ample amounts of water.

When kept in the East direction, this plant attracts health, and when kept in the South-east direction, Lucky Bamboo brings money and prosperity.

4. Pachira Money Plant


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Money Tree or Pachira Aquatica is another lucky plant in Feng Shui that symbolises prosperity and energy.

It is easy to handle, and it grows well in low light conditions as well. The stems of these plants are often braided, which represents interconnectedness and longevity.

Long leaves with parallel veins and rigid stems with three or five braids are one of the most prominent features that distinguish these plants. They are most popular in Chinese households.

Make sure to place this plant in the East direction of your room or at the wealth corner of your room.

5. Tulsi Plant (Basil)

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Well, this plant needs no introduction. Considered a sacred plant in most Indian households, Tulsi leaves serve multiple purposes. The plant not only is a brilliant flavouring agent but also provides medicinal health benefits.

According to Vastu, Tulsi plants should be placed in the North, North-East or East direction to bring positivity and good health. One should not place Tulsi in the South of their home as it can cause bad luck.

This plant needs adequate sunlight and regular watering to keep it thriving.

6. Snake Plant

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Don’t go by the name. Snake Plant is one of the most vibrant plants with thick and fleshy foliage that are slightly twisted.

Also called the ‘Mother in Law’s Tongue,’ this plant is said to absorb poisonous toxins from the air. When kept in the office or workplace, this zero maintenance plant only gives good luck and takes nothing in return.

7. Aloe vera - Succulent Plant

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These succulent plants are one of the most beneficial plants for your skin, hair, and health. It has thick spiky leaves which taper at the end.

Aloe Vera Plants reduce the toxins from the air and release healing vibes in your room. These are easy to care for plants and only need a few hours of indirect sunlight, but it needs an ample amount of water.

According to Feng Shui, most of the energy resides in the East, South or Southeast direction. Aloe Vera Plants brings the most vibrant energy when kept in any of these directions.

8. Rubber Plant

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Rubber Plants or Ficus Elastica have thick, waxy and round-shaped foliage that is a symbol of money and prosperity. In Feng Shui, this plant is considered of utter importance and has flexible placing.

Placing the Rubber Plant in any direction will be beneficial and will always bring good fortune to you. According to Vastu, this plant fosters luck and an increase in wealth when placed exactly in the wealth area (South-west).

It requires only 3-4 hours of indirect sunlight with adequate watering.

9. Lotus Plant

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Lotus Plant is one of the most auspicious plants and is often used for traditional rituals in Indian and Chinese households.

This plant stands for strength, morality and purity. In Hindu culture, Lotus flowers are associated with the Goddess of Wealth - Lakshmi and hence is worshipped widely.

Placing a lotus plant near your window will attract positive energy and bring in wealth at the same time. It also adds to the serenity of your house. For these blooms to thrive, place them in 5 hours of direct sunlight.

10. Areca Palm Plant 

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Areca Palm is yet another lucky plant that comes in various sizes. They are best known as the Yellow Butterfly and one of the best plants to add to the decor of your house.

In Feng Shui principles, Areca Palm brings wealth, prosperity, and peace to your house. It absorbs all the negative vibes and reduces toxins from the air making the surroundings more vibrant.

Placing it in the South-East direction of your room will reduce stress, anxiety and also help with stress-induced sleeping disorders.

Luck and prosperity is just around the corner and you can reap the benefits by just getting any of these lucky plants to your abode.

Pick up the right plant for your home or office and fortune will follow.

Time to decide? Head To Nurserylive and choose one to get lucky and bring success now.


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