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Top 10 Low Maintenance Indoor Plants for Gardening Beginners

Top 10 Low Maintenance Indoor Plants for Gardening Beginners

Do you love decorating your home with plants? Indoor plants are not only perfect for interior decorations, they have also shown various health and psychological benefits. If you are looking for some hassle-free plant options, then you are at the right place. They not only help in reducing your stress but also enhance your mood.

Indoor plants are also very useful to eliminate air pollutants and keeping your home fresh. However, you must be careful with the placement and choice of indoor plants as they consume oxygen at night.

Because of less sunlight inside our homes and limited air supply, it becomes difficult to keep plants alive and healthy. In this article, we will see the Top 10 Low Maintenance Indoor Plants to grow in your homes.

1. Snake Plant

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Sansevieria trifasciata, Sansevieria zeylanica or Snake Plant as it’s commonly called, is a member of the Lily Family. We also call it Mother-in-Law's tongue and Bowstring-hemp. They have the highest durability as compared to other indoor plants, and can survive without any special attention and care.

Benefits of Snake Plants:
  • It is NASA's approved air purifier.
  • It releases night time oxygen.
  • It helps fight Allergies and Sick Building Syndrome present in the atmosphere of your home.
  • It is a very long-lasting plant which makes it very difficult to kill, hence the best choice for a low-maintenance indoor plant.

2. Money Plant

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Scindapsus is known for the rejuvenating aura they create. It will not only make your home look beautiful, but also fill every corner of your home with positive energy. These plants are the only ones in its species which do not flower. Scindapsus also has multiple health benefits.

Benefits of Money Plant:

  • Money plants absorb harmful radiations produced by the electronic items used at home, and hence experts advise to place them near the refrigerator, television, or computer.
  • It reduces stress and anxiety when placed in sharp corners.
  • It cures sleeping disorders when placed in the bedroom and brings a sense of calm and peace.
  • It is also believed to bring prosperity and good luck in a person’s life.

3. Areca Palm

Buy Areca Palm

If you are looking for cheaper indoor plants, consider buying Areca Palm. It thrives in subtropical or warm climates. If you have pets in your home - this is your safest choice.

Areca palm needs a bit of attention during its growing season, like feeding liquid fertilizer once or twice throughout the season and almost no attention during winter.

Benefits of Areca Palm:

  • It improves the air humidity inside your home.
  • It is safe for pets.
  • It absorbs air pollutants and makes the air fresh.
  • It is very helpful in decreasing stress.

4. Pearl Plant

Buy Pearl Plant

They are also called Haworthia margaritifera. Pearl plants like bright indirect light, hence they are a pleasant option as indoor plants. They add a quirky look to the interiors of your home giving a unique decoration idea for your home.

The only care you have to take is to keep it away from air conditioners and windows with direct sunlight, or the leaves will start falling. If you have children or pets, then do not consider buying this plant, as it can cause skin irritation and may be harmful.

Benefits of Pearl Plants:

  • It is very helpful for air purification
  • It is drought tolerant - meaning it will live if you water it even once a week
  • It absorbs the harmful bacteria present on the pet’s skin.

5. ZZ Plant

Buy ZZ Plant

Its original name is Zamioculcas zamiifolia. This plant originates from Africa - a drought prone region. Thus, this plant can tolerate high neglect and survives in low-light areas. This plant is highly drought tolerant.

They are very popular on social media due to their aesthetic appeal.

Benefits of ZZ Plant:

  • It increases the oxygen level in your surroundings.
  • It reduces stress.
  • It removes air-borne bacteria and toxins from the air such as benzene.

6. Aglaonema Lipstick

Buy Aglaonema Lipstick Plant

It is also known as Aglaonema siam aurora and is one of the best indoor plants for all seasons. It is a very efficient air purifier. If you live in cold areas and suffer from dry skin or other winter discomforts, Red Aglaonema can make you feel better. They bring a pop of colour to any interior.

During the spring and summer, keep this plant moist. Spray water on them and keep them in indirect sunlight.

Benefits of Aglaonema Lipstick

  • It is an efficient air purifier
  • It removes harmful gases (VOCs) present in the environment
  • It is very effective if you suffer from dry skin and chapped lips as the plant humidifies the air.
  • If you suffer from winter discomforts, it can be really helpful to make you feel better.

7. Spider Plant

Buy Spider Plant

The spider plant, also known as Chlorophytum, is one of the most adaptable of houseplants. It is the easiest to grow as compared to other indoor plants. This plant symbolises caring. It makes the perfect gift for any occasion.

It purifies the air and can be placed at a temperature between 55 to 75 degrees celsius. Spider plants require fertilization twice a month and can survive in any condition.

Benefits of Spider Plants

  • It is one of the top 3 indoor plants that are best as air purifiers approved by NASA.
  • It is suitable for dry weather as it increases the humidity of the environment.
  • It is completely safe for pets.

8. Heart-Leaf Philodendron

Buy Heart - Leaf Philodendron

Also known as Philodendron Scandens Oxycardium and Sweetheart Plant, it is very easy to grow indoors.

Heart-Leaf Philodendron can tolerate dry air, but it grows well in humidity. You need to feed it a water-soluble fertilizer throughout the growing season, but avoid the same during winters. The leaves are toxic, hence place it away from pets and children.

Benefits of Heart-Leaf Philodendron:

  • It removes toxic chemicals from the environment.
  • It can catch allergens and other airborne particles from the environment.
  • It improves your sleeping pattern when placed in the bedroom.
  • It has a calming effect on people by improving the blood pressure, heart rate and stress hormone cortisol level.

9. Nephrolepis Exaltata Fern

Buy Nephrolepis Exaltata

They are also called Boston Fern. This plant is highly recommended for someone who suffers from skin irritation, dry skin, dry nose or throat.
These plants thrive well in warm and humid environments. They bring about a peaceful environment and are the first preference for people.

Benefits of Nephrolepis Exaltata

  • It helps to rid the home of harmful toxins.
  • It improves humidity by restoring moisture to the air.

10. Schefflera

Buy Schefflera 

Schefflera comes in many varieties, and the most popular ones are the umbrella tree and the dwarf umbrella tree. These indoor plants grow better with no care.

Benefits of Schefflera:

  • It promotes blood circulation.
  • It eases any kind of pain in the body.
  • It helps to relieve asthma.

Now that you are aware of the unique properties of the indoor plants mentioned above, which low maintenance indoor plants appealed to you the most? Nurserylive has in its collection a plethora of beautiful plants that are easy to grow and maintain. Go check them out now. Happy Gardening!

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