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Top 10 Landscaping Plants to Brighten Your Garden Space

Top 10 Landscaping Plants to Brighten Your Garden Space

Are you among the creative lot, which is on a constant hunt of beautifying your garden landscape with plants that have additional benefits too, but the over-exhaustive list restricts your green thumb?

Whether it is a pool, vine, garden, or a shade, getting your space designed aesthetically brings immense inner satisfaction and comfort.

What it also does is churn out money from your pocket to pay for the designers you hire. We say, with a little knowledge on which landscaping plant to pick, you can restyle your garden yourself. But, then the question arises, which plants are best suited for your requirement? Trust us, this is not rocket science.

With just the right information, your creativity can change the foundation of your garden space forever. Still puzzled which amongst the many plants will perfectly engineer your garden to a beatific space? Don’t worry! Well, we say a little creativity never hurts, and finding your cherished landscaping plants is our responsibility now.

With that, we have compiled for you a list of Top 10 Landscaping Plants to choose from that are sure to transform your garden to exactly how you want it.

1. The queen of versatility- Bougainvillea

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Wouldn’t you want a colourful and versatile plant to adorn your garden landscape? We have just the right pick for you- Bougainvillea. This ornamental vine adds a punch of colours to your garden landscape and tolerates water scarcity well for the hot summers.

Their love for the sun makes them perfect for outdoors. Use bougainvillea on the fence or a building and you will get yourself a year-long happy looking outdoor.

2. Give your space the gift of a natural air-purifier with Croton Plant

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This bright-light spot favouring plant is a champion in the air-purifier range for you. Croton Plant is an attractive looking landscaping plant that adds character to your garden with its colour-popping leaves. It is scientifically called the Codiaeum variegatum. Ample water and humidity feed life to this plant, which in turn will make your garden lively.

3. The colour changing magic of Dracaena Colorama

Buy Dracena Colorama

A foliage fiesta that can turn any landscape stunning and picturesque, Dracaena Colorama is a delight to have. A good choice for natural air-purification, this landscaping plant is effortless to manage; it can tolerate almost every weather condition.

The pink stripes on this plant turn even pinkier when exposed to more light. And you thought magic doesn’t exist! Why not get one today and see it yourself?

4. The fascinating queen of hues - Duranta Golden

Buy Duranta Plant

This bright, lemon-hued plant is every artist’s canvas creation, and your garden landscape is no less than a big beautiful canvas. Its vibrant and beautiful blue blooms are a sight to behold during summertime.

Duranta Golden is an easy-going landscaping plant requiring full light and moist soil. It grows extremely fast with leaves running green in the centre and a golden hue on the edges. Give your garden this landscaping plant today and charm every beholder with its alluring appearance.

5. For the exotic wonderland- Heliconia Stricta Dwarf Jamaican

Buy Heliconia Stricta Dwarf Jamaican

How about giving your garden an exotic makeover with a landscaping plant that grows year long? With Heliconia Stricta Dwarf Jamaican, your garden space will blossom with bright orange-red hued miniature blooms.

It fancies warm weather conditions, which makes it apt for landscaping your outdoors. Define your landscaping skills and give your garden a luxurious look with this fascinating dwarf plant.

6. A symbol of enlightment and purity - Michelia Champa

Buy Michelia Champa

The lush green garden landscape amalgamated with orange-coloured fragrant flowers is a match - truly made in heaven. Now, you can have this combination in your house with Michelia Champa, a plant you wouldn’t say no to.

Known for being evergreen, this landscaping plant has a peculiar crown-shaped twig. This plant is also called Son Champa, and is native to the Himalayas. With sufficient shade and moderate water, you will have for your outdoor landscape, an aromatic flora.

7. A structural masterpiece- Rhoeo Spathacea Compacta

Buy Roheo Spathacea Compacta

This Moses-in-a-basket plant gives your garden landscape a hint of elegance and the much-needed hue of purple. Rhoeo Spathacea Compacta grows quickly and blossoms white flowers, which makes it perfect for ornamental purposes.

It is a no tantrums landscaping plant that requires moderate water and sunlight. It's pretty boat-shaped bracts in a basket appearance are sure to completely revamp your garden with grace.

8. The tough champion of tolerance- Adenium Plant, Desert Rose (Baby Pink)

Buy Adenium Plants

Apt to its name, the desert plant is perfect for desert setting conditions and makes for a gorgeous decorating landscaping plant. Also called Adenium Plant, it is believed to bring wealth and good luck to a household, which gives it another name- the wealth plant.

It blossoms with splendid flowers that give it an attractive appearance. Your garden space will become happy just by the presence of this luck favouring plant.

9. Beauty with benefits- Bottle Palm with Trunk

Buy Bottle Palm With Trunk

A royal looking palm plant native to Cuba, Bottle palm with the trunk is every gardener’s landscape dream come true. Its unique spindle-shaped trunk is what gives it the majestic look. Bottle Palm with the trunk is an evergreen plant with v-shaped feathery leaves.

A symbol of peace and triumph, this plant will warm you with not just its beauty but its symbolism too. With full sun and well-drained soil, you can have this landscaping plant bring lustre to your space.

10. The long time companion- Cypress Golden

Buy Cypress Golden

A lover of moist soil and swampy areas, Cypress golden can live for centuries adorning your garden landscape. The needle-like leaves of cypress golden look dazzling and are a treat to watch.

This easy-going plant can live well in good sunlight and well-drained fertile soil. It is certain to give your green yard a classic freshness and endow it with real beauty.

Landscaping plants are an incredible way to give your outdoor space the much-needed makeover. These splendid plants are going to transform your ordinary garden landscape to the fancy looking one you always wanted. Given their evergreen and versatile properties, they make for an ideal landscaping plant.

Now, with these lovely landscaping plant options to choose from, you wouldn’t be overwhelmed with finding one for your garden. So, go ahead, and find your favourite pick from these selected options and dazzle up your garden.

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