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Top 10 Jasmine Plants to Give Your Garden A Glow-up

Top 10 Jasmine Plants to Give Your Garden A Glow-up

Out of all the varieties available out there, the Jasmine plants are one of the most beautiful and charming flowers, with an immense ornamental value. Jasmine has around 200 species from the group Jasminum genus. The given group features a number of vines and shrubs – both evergreen as well as deciduous.

The main attraction of the flowers is the characteristic fragrant yellow or white flowers and green leaves. The group of Jasminum genus tends to fall under the family of Oleaceae – including olives, as well as other plants like common lilac and fringe tree.

The term “Jasmine” is also made use of in correlation with other plants that might not be truly jasmine. If you are fond of these natural beauties, then here are Top 10 Jasmine Plants  you should know about:

1. Kunda, Downy Jasmine

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Kunda or Downy Jasmine is one of the most popular variants of these beautiful flowers in India. Kunda is mostly used in connection with “Devi Saraswati.” The colour of the goddess is linked to the white tone of the Kunda flowers. The Downy flower also goes by the name Star Jasmine – implying its beautiful shape and the overall white colour.

In most parts of India, the Kunda flowers are used for offering prayers, or even serving as a vital part of the marriage ceremony. While most of the Jasmine variants have a distinctly intense fragrance, the given species does not have any scent.

2. Jasminum sambac, Mogra, Arabian Jasmine

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Also known as Asian Jasmine, the Mogra, or Arabian Jasmine, tends to climb in the form of a shrub or crawler. When used for landscaping purposes, these flowers are planted in a container. You can place the container indoors as well.

Asian Jasmine is regarded as the national flower of both Indonesia and the Philippines. It features a vine-like, climbing variant that is slightly thick & shrubby. Jasmine tea is derived out of this species.

3. Raat ki Rani, Night Blooming Jasmine

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This species features a green foliage along with beautiful star-shaped flowers. The species grows impressively in sunlight. The striking feature of this flower is that it blooms only at night. Another distinct feature of the flower is its characteristic intense fragrance. However, as the scent of the flower is quite strong, it can lead to allergic reaction in some.

4. Kagda

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This plant is known for its unique fragrance as well as its characteristic beauty. It's wonderful fragrance often attracts butterflies. These are available as evergreen shrubs or small trees.

The flowers bloom in solitude or smaller clusters and are available in white, or pale yellow colour tones. For maximum growth, place these plants in light to moderate shade.

5. Juhi, Jasminum Auriculatum

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Juhi is one of the most renowned Jasmine flowers, featuring a beautiful fragrant scent that can easily mesmerise the senses. The plant is easy to grow – both in shade and sun, and even in dry as well as humid weather conditions. It features short branches along with a strong root system. The plant experiences profuse blooming during the summer months.

6. Jai

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These are yet another set of beautiful Jasmine flowers, featuring small, lovely white flowers. These can be grown both indoors as well as outdoors. The Jai flowers are available as planter or climber plants; therefore, they need ample support for maximum growth.

Their growth is positively impacted in well-drained soil and full or partial sunlight.

7. Parijat Tree, Night Flowering Jasmine

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Parijat is one of the most beautiful as well as mysterious Jasmine flowers – the flowers tend to fall upon blooming. The name “Night Flowering Jasmine” implies that the flowers tend to bloom during the nighttime. The flowers also spread intense fragrance across its surrounding areas with its breathtaking floral fragrance.

Belonging to Oleaceae family, as the tree of this flower type loses its flowers at the first ray of sun, this tree is also known as the Tree of Sorrow.

8. Jasminum Nudiflorum

Also referred to as the Winter Jasmine, these feature long-arching branches; and small yellow flowers. The flowers tend to bloom during early spring. Its native area of growth is China, and it requires full sunlight and partial shade for full bloom.

9. Jasminum fruticans

These are wild jasmine species growing as evergreen plants. The plant produces dense clusters of bright yellow flowers that tend to bloom from spring to summer. It is a great option for creating a low-level evergreen hedge or groundcover. It tends to grow slightly slower but its beautiful foliage is totally worth the wait!

10. Jasminum polyanthum

Also going by the name White Jasmine, these plants are fast-growing, and are recognised for the impressive display of highly fragrant, whitish-pinkish flowers. The plant is best used in the form of a climber to serve as a beautiful groundcover.

If you love flowers, and look forward to growing them in your garden, Jasmine turns out to be the best option as these can grow easily and quickly. Jasmine plants are highly renowned for their overall natural beauty and pleasant fragrance. If you are looking for beautiful Jasmine plants to grow in your garden, reach out to Nurserylive now!

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Mohamed Basheer - May 28, 2021

I want to see the picture of these plants along with flower and its cost

Mohamed Basheer - May 28, 2021

I want to see the picture of these plants along with flower and its cost

Mohamed Basheer - May 28, 2021

I want to see the picture of these plants along with flower and its cost

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