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Top 10 Hedge Plants For your Garden

Top 10 Hedge Plants For your Garden

Hedges are generally grown around a garden to mark property lines. It separates your garden to give it more privacy and protect your plants against winds and dust. Hedge plants are easy to plant and grow. They can be an attractive wall that can attract birds and garden wildlife.

A well-grown hedge can serve as a powerful barrier rather than an expensive barbed wire. Here are top 10 hedge plants that you can consider for your garden:

1. Acalypha Plants

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The acalypha plants are also called copper plants, and they come in several colourful shades like pink, green, copper, yellow and orange. It is a semi-evergreen shrub with heart-shaped leaves.

The copper plant can grow for up to 6 to 10 feet and spread as wide as 4 to 8 feet. They can grow beautifully, especially in locations of direct sun. They can also survive in partial shade. The hedge plant would require a fast-draining fertile soil and should be nourished regularly with manure or compost.

2. Bougainvillaea

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The Bougainvillaea is a tropical evergreen shrub that is excellent as a hedge plant. As a climber plant, it can grow well to form a hedge and protect your garden. It is most suitable to grow in a hot and dry climate.

The soil should be fertile, and it should hold moderate amounts of moisture. The bougainvillaea should be watered carefully. Once fully grown, they can be resistant to droughts as well.

3. Coleus Plants

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The coleus plants belong to the mint family. They are tropical plants that give colourful foliage that can have various shapes, sizes and colours. They grow in square stems with leaves on opposite sides and in locations of partial to full sunlight.

They would require loose soil with compost or moss for fertility. The soil should be moist but not soggy. They thrive best in hot and humid conditions. They can grow beautifully as a hedge if taken care of properly.

4. Kodiak Plants

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The Kodiak is a beautiful plant with lovely orange foliage. It is a shrub that also blooms with yellow flowers in summer. It can grow well in full sun or shade areas. It is drought-tolerant and can grow in dry spells as well.

It can adapt to various types of soils but would grow best with some amount of fertiliser. It can be an easy maintenance plant for your garden hedge and will also attract bees and butterflies for your flowers.

5. Eranthemum Plants

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The eranthemum is a grassy shrub plant that has its origin in Southeast Asia. The plant blooms with beautiful blue flowers in colder months, from December to March. The plant can grow to large sizes for up to one metre, but they might have weak branches.

They should be grown in small sizes for easy management. The plant grows best in slightly moist conditions. It can tolerate dryness but should be sprinkled with water regularly. Regular pruning should be done to keep the plant in shape.

6. Lantana Camara Plants

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The Lantana is a colourful hard shrub. It can grow up to 2 to 4 metre tall and can form dense thickets as hedges. In some areas, they can also grow in the pattern of a vine. They have hardy stems with leaves that can be rough to touch.

The beautiful flower clusters can come in various colours, from pink to orange. They are versatile plants that can grow in different types of soils. They can be effective as a hedge because of their thick bushes, but they must be pruned once in a while to be in shape.

7. Mussaenda Plants

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The Mussaenda plants are also known as Bangkok Roses that grow best in tropical or subtropical areas. They grow best in hot and humid regions. The shrub has pink or yellow flowers with huge white, pink or red petals.

The plant can grow for up to 2 to 3 metres. Warm weather and moist soil are very suitable, but some hybrid varieties can grow in colder regions. They would require light pruning in the growing season.

8. Duranta Plants

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The Duranta is a tropical shrub plant known for its great foliage and beautiful flowers. They are hardy plants that have the potential to become large, hence appropriate as a hedge plant. They grow very fast, especially in warm temperatures.

They can be kept directly under the sun or with partial sunlight as well. The gold foliage colour can give it a highly ornamental value.

9. Kaner Plants

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The Kaner plants can be called by various names depending on the variety of flower and the region. They grow as small trees and have leaves throughout the year. They can grow up to 6 to 19 feet tall and spread out to a large area.

They grow well in full sun or partially sunny areas with fertile and well-drained soil type. The plants generally bloom in late spring or summer, and the flowers can range from yellow to pink to white.

10. Ixora Plants

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The Ixora plant is a tropical evergreen shrub. They bloom with large flower clusters and come in various colours like red, orange and yellow. Hence, it is also called by the name ‘Flame of the Woods’.

It’s a beautiful hedge plant and takes less maintenance. The Ixora plant grows best in bright sun and well-drained soil with moderate temperatures. The plant would require pruning once in a while.

Hedge plants can be an excellent consideration for your gardens. However, they also need care and attention to function properly. Hedges should ideally be planted in autumn or spring, and the saplings will need time to grow fully to form hedges. It can take months to years.

So, one must plan accordingly and use plants that are accommodating to your environment and climate. Different types of plants have different methods to cultivate and grow. Once grown, you must trim the hedges and check the overall conditions once in a while.

Why settle for an unattractive wire fence when you can have beautiful hedge plants as borders? Check out our collection of hedge plants at Nurserylive and look for your perfect garden hedge today.

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