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Top 10 Bathroom Plants To Amp Up Your Bathroom Décor

Top 10 Bathroom Plants To Amp Up Your Bathroom Décor

Are you one of those who enjoy the company of lush green canopy around your house but have not thought of getting a plant for your bathroom? Or, did you just install one, but the crawling leaves and soil are just mulching your bathroom floor, and now you regret it?

Welcome to the world of plant lovers who struggle with their bathroom décor.

Adding greenery to your bathroom is no longer going to be a lost dream because Nurserylive brings you a collection of top 10 bathroom plants. Order these to create a pleasant aura in your personal space. These lovelies will not only beautify your shower area but also thrive there.

How Can a Plant Live in Dark Bathrooms?

Going against the obvious nature of plants, these bathroom beauties need exactly the kind of temperature and light that a bathroom has. Furthermore, these bathroom plants are not just decorative items like other houseplants, they have some amazing benefits too.

Let's dig into some great bathroom plants.

1. Add Some Pop of Colour to Your Bathroom with Aglaonema Lipstick

Buy Aglaonema Lipstick

Aptly named as Aglaonema Lipstick, this striking pink/red plant is ideal for adding a pop of colour to the sad walls of the bathroom. Besides bringing good luck to your abode, it acts as an air purifier.

This ornamental plant is also referred to as Aglaonemasiam Aurora. It is an extremely low maintenance indoor plant which needs less water and negligible sunlight. Add an aglaonema lipstick to your bathroom plant collection and be ready to be amazed.

2. The King of Adaptability-Chlorophytum Spider Plant

Buy Chlorophytum Spider Plant

We have a winner for the adaptability race, and it is none other than the Chlorophytum Spider Plant. This attractive green coloured indoor plant will provide you with fresh air to breathe as it acts as a great air cleaner.

Extremely safe for kids and pets, Spider Plant is non-toxic despite the fact that it absorbs carbon monoxide from the surroundings. Requiring low light, humidity and little shade, this bathroom plant is the perfect fit for your shower space.

3. Brighten Your Dull-Dark Bathroom with Money Plant

Buy Money Plant

The hanging plant also called Scindapsus (Green) is an ornamental plant commonly found in many households. What is interesting about a Money Plant is that it can clear formaldehyde from the air. So, you have your green air purifier at home.

The plant barely requires any care; it can be planted in a basket or put in a glass bottle. The heart-shaped glossy leaves are a delight for the eyes. This impressive bathroom plant is perfect for your bathroom flora collection.

4. A Superpower Of Tolerance- Boston Fern

Buy Boston Fern

This fern family plant comes with a high tolerance for light and can thrive in dry conditions too. It is also called Nephrolepis Exaltata Bostoniensis, it is a low maintenance houseplant with the benefits of air purifying.

With a history of surviving in extreme conditions, your bathroom is still a better place for it to survive. Get one today and embrace your shower space with this bathroom plant.

5. The Soothing Aura of Snake Plant

Buy Snake Plants

Also known as the Sansevieria Trifasciata Hahnii, this interesting plant with its textured leaves revamps your bathroom entirely. It is a small bathroom plant with air filtering qualities and can absorb an excessive amount of carbon dioxide.

The plant requires moderate light and less water, which is why it is an ideal choice for your bathroom plant decor collection.

6.The Fascinating and Harmonious Orchid

Buy Orchid Plants

Give your bathroom a luxurious appearance without spending much; add an orchid to bring an exquisite look you have always wanted in your bathroom. These luxurious looking flowering plants grow in light shade and humidity.

These harmonious plants come in different hues like soft pink, lavender, summer yellow and more. A symbol of good luck, beauty and healing properties, an orchid is the best bathroom plant to create an exotic shower space.

7.The Sweetheart Your Bathroom Deserves- Heartleaf

Buy Heart Leaf

Heart-shaped leaves of the Heartleaf are the perfect vintage element for your shower space. It can be maintained by even those who are a novice with plant maintenance, because of its extremely low maintenance needs.

Medicinally used in cuts and bruises, a heartleaf will cater not just as an ornamental but also as a healing plant. Get one to find out the wonders it can bring to you as a bathroom plant.

8.The All-Seasons Plant- Philodendron

Buy Philodendron 

The year-long plant can survive harsh weather and still not wither away. Can you ask more from a bathroom plant? The violin-shaped leaves of Philodendron are a classic choice for a houseplant that will uplift the bathroom decor.

With bare minimum requirements, Philodendron is a stunning piece of flora for your bathroom.

9.The Eternity Plant- Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

Buy ZZ Plant

ZZ plant is a flowering bathroom plant with dark green leaves. Zamioculcas zamiifolia has amazing anti-inflammatory properties. Being grown in drought-prone areas, it requires little light and less water.

It thrives well in bathroom conditions. If you have this, you can give your bathroom a fresh vibe.

10. A Stroke of Luck with the Lucky Bamboo

Buy Lucky Bamboo

It is a famous feng-shui plant that is said to bring good luck and prosperity to any abode. Lucky bamboo can blossom in glass and colourful containers. It gives an illusion of bamboo sticking out of the ground, making it a popular choice in households.

To decorate this beautiful piece, you can use pebbles in the transparent container and dazzle your bathroom space with this bathroom plant’s presence.

The bathroom plants are an impressive way to transform your simple bathroom into a fancy one. These appealing flora pieces are a must for your bathroom for all the good reasons. These bathroom plants bring a refreshing element to the bathroom space.

With so many bathroom-beauty options, your lookout for shower plants just got a little easier. All you need now is to go ahead and get one adorable bathroom plant and enjoy its beauty. Check out Nurserylive’s collection and get yours today!

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