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Top 10 Aromatic Plants To Soothe Your Senses

Top 10 Aromatic Plants To Soothe Your Senses

Your garden is a host to multi-hued blossoms, green canopies, which is a gardener’s paradise and makes for a perfect evening haven. As spellbound as this sight is, it also comes with the richness of different fragrances that enrich the garden’s landscape and captivates your heart.

Wouldn’t you want to come home to this pleasant aura that exudes an aromatic ambience?

How about we indulge you in the luxury of aromatic plants that will keep your surroundings lush and breathe life into your senses? Let us take you right into the top 10 aromatic plants whose beauty is surely enticing:

1. A Cool Breeze to Your Hot Summer Days- Khus

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Vetiver, commonly called the khus plant, is a finely structured bunch-grass which blossoms with brownish-purple blooms. It brings to your garden a musty scent to charm even the dullest of days.

This native Indian plant is super-tolerant to extreme conditions and thrives in infertile soil. Due to its soothing aroma, it is mostly used in perfumes, attar, candles and essential oils. Perfect for outdoors, this aromatic plant can become your at-home aromatherapy offering a relaxed day.

2. Aromatic Mist of the Ocean- Rosemary

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The sweet aroma exuding from the multi-hued flowers, immersing you in the sea of beauty and mist, is what rosemary offers you. Its needle-shaped leaves flavour your food besides serving for a graceful ornament. Rosemary loves sunlight and flourishes in well-drained soil, where it blossoms to its full beauty.

From the mint family, rosemary is often used in perfumes and aromatherapy for its woody scent that calms the nerves and brings tranquillity. Perfect for those who want to return home to a calm evening filled with mist to take away the long stress of work.

3. An Invigorating Incense - Oregano

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A staple to your Italian cuisines that brings a warm earthy aroma and delights your tastebuds, oregano flavours doesn't just stimulate your food but also your mood. A spectacular aromatic plant, oregano flowers bloom in clusters with hues of purple and white whose beauty enchants the beholder.

Coming from the mint family, oregano can revamp your home garden to a more flavorsome space with minimal care, even on the hottest of days.

4. The Blissful Aromatherapy- Lemon Basil

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If you are a potpourri fan who finds lemony aroma sublime, then you have your perfect match in the handsome lemon basil plant. With leaves resembling basil, it is a delectable plant for its perfect combination of lemon and basil essence that also enriches food.

A great aromatherapy plant, lemon basil can be easily used at home in cooking or tea for a relaxing effect and pleasing fragrance. You can also crush its leaves and squeeze the liquid out of it to use in your candles or as an essence for a calming bath.

5. The Queen of Majestic Scent- Rajnigandha

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Famous for its usage in the perfume industry, Rajnigandha is every garden’s aromatic queen. Rajnigandha, also called the Tuberose plant, is a no-tantrum aromatic plant that thrives in warm climates with sufficient sunlight to give mesmerising white flowers.

Tuberose is native to Mexico and produces tall flower spikes which bloom during the night. Bring one Rajnigandha Plant home and enjoy the enthralling scent that gives a meditating effect and calms your body.

6. The Crown of Exotic Aroma- Raat Ki Rani

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Raat ki Rani is a nocturnal plant that releases its sweet fragrance during the night and enchants its surroundings. This delightful flower loves sunlight and well-drained soil and bears breathtaking white blossoms which open to their full glory after sunset.

This evergreen flowering bush offers both ornamental and aesthetic appeal besides its exhilarating scent that alleviates stress and uplifts the senses.

7. A Calming Note of Freshness- Mogra

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The perfect shrub that can survive all odds to blossom in your garden year-round while enchanting you with its exotic aroma. Mogra, also called Arabian Jasmine or Jasminum sambac, is native to India and offers many ornamental and medicinal uses besides its calming effect on people.

Usually used in making perfumes, essential oils, and herbal tea, the adaptability of mogra to all climates and its gorgeous white flowers make it a perfect fit for every household.

8. The Leading Aroma of Poise - Damascus Rose

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A marvellous aromatic plant with a rich aromatic presence that adds a touch of vibrance to your garden, the Damascus rose is sure to become your garden favourite. Bright sunshine and well-drained can help a Damascus rose to thrive to its full glory, leaving you with gorgeous pink blooms.

Used commonly in the perfume industry, a Damascus Rose can be your personal perfume plant that revives your senses, or it can be a part of your herbal tea to flush out the day-long stress.

9. The Brisk Aroma of Chilly Winters- Night Flowering Jasmine

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Night flowering jasmine is a plant that wakes up with blossoms when others sleep. It releases a heavenly aroma all over the garden with its small tubular flowers. It is also called the Parijat tree or Parijitak and is an evergreen perennial which prospers in partial to full sun. These are also drought tolerant.
If you are looking to fill the air with the mist of sensuous pleasure during a romantic evening, give this lady of the night aromatic plant a try, and you would not be disappointed.

10. Beauty with Blossoming Aroma- Michelia Champa

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A spectacular looking flowering tree that exudes exotic scent to mesmerise you, Michelia Champa, also called the Son Champa, can make your garden a bouquet of mist. This evergreen tree flourishes in direct sunlight and well-drained soil and blooms at its peak during summer with charming orange flowers.

Place the plant near your window or allow its flowers to float in a bowl of water to experience the relaxing incense in the entire space.

These aromatic plants will complement your visual sensory while offering abundance to your sumptuous space. Their mere presence will charm the environment while adding a touch of green.

With so many perennial options to choose from, add your favourite one to your shopping list today and bring home the gift of tranquillity through their fragrance.

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