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Top 10 Annual Plants To Transform Your Home

Top 10 Annual Plants To Transform Your Home

If you have a fascination with the blooming gardens and are craving a fresh planting spree, you are at the right place. If you are someone who likes to try vibrant greenery and fragrant blooms for your garden, you must check out the stunning annual plant collection at NurseryLive.

What Are Annual Flowering Plants?

Annual flowers or annual plants are those plants that grow and die in the same growing season. By growing season, we mean that the temperature and the weather conditions that help plants grow.

Hence, these annual plants seed, germinate, and grow in one season, and finally die. Depending on the plant you have chosen, the growing season may range from four months to almost a year.

However, this comes as a blessing in disguise, because you can try a variety of flowers every season. Every growing season, you can nurture new and refreshing blooms in your garden.

If you want to add some refreshing and majestic annual blooms to your garden, here are our Top 10 Annual Plants recommendations.

1. Petunias

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Petunias are hands-down the most popular types of flowering annuals. From dime-sized to compact ones, Petunias has an extensive library of flowering hybrids.

There are almost 400 varieties of petunias of different colours, sizes, patterns, and growth habits. From single to double blooms, ruffled to fringed edges, and veined to speckled patterns, Petunias are a great choice to add to your garden.

Although it might depend on the Petunias you choose to plant, most of these hybrids are best grown after the frost. Hence, petunias would thrive and flower best during the spring season till fall.

Petunias are incredibly versatile and come in different colours, including Red, Violet, White, Purple, Lavender, and even Black. You can add them to your landscape beds, gardening blankets, as well as to your window boxes.

2. Torenia

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Torenia or Wishbone flowers are one of the most elegant annual plants to add to your garden. These delicate looking flowers are actually tough and have a distinctive shape of stamens.

Torenia grows abundantly in warm weather and profusely during the early summer. It can grow from 6 to 12 inches. These short, ground-hugging plants are bushy enough to cover your vacant garden bed.

Like Petunias, Torenias come in a wide range of colours, including violet, blue, deep red, silver. These flowering annuals can be added as your cover garden or planted in containers and hanging baskets to enhance the beauty of every space.

3. Salvia Splendens Red

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Salvias are the dazzling red flowers that bloom in warm climates. These plants are a great addition to your flower bed and landscapes. The Salvia also looks elegant as cut-flowers in the bouquets.

Salvia is popular as Scarlet Sage Plant and is known to hold the colour throughout the summer. Their tubular florets provide good nectar to butterflies and hummingbirds.

Though Salvia is available in other colours, their red counterparts have elegant looking and thriving flower spikes.

4. Gazania

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Gazania is an exotic annual flower that has a vibrant fragrance and an exquisite appearance. With Daisy-like flowerhead, and freshness resembling the Sunflower, Gazania is an excellent addition to your Annual Plants collection.

This plant is native to South Africa and is perfect for summers because of its adaptability in drought-like conditions. Gazania usually comes in a shade of yellow and orange, with dark vertical stripes on the petals.

They are an excellent addition to your flower bed, rock garden, or patio.

5. Dianthus

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Dianthus is an annual, perennial plant with a spicy fragrance and nectar laden blooms.

One of their most elegant features is the blue-green foliage that adds an extra dose of beauty to your garden. Dianthus can grow from 6 inches to 18 inches tall and thrive best with 6 hours of sunlight.
Dianthus comes with exotic blooms in red, white, pink, salmon, and lavender colour.

6. Dahlia

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Dahlias are the quintessential flowering annuals that have a wide range of sizes. From the size as large as the dinner plate to the size of the pompom, Dahlia has an eye-catching attribute.

These flamboyant plants bloom from mid-summer to autumn, in exquisite shades of pink, red, orange, and even yellow.

From large garden beds to borders and window boxes, Dahlias are your best gardening friends.

7. Pansy

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Pansies are wild European flowers with extravagant colours and patterns. These flowers are annual to the winter or fall.

Pansies have colourful faces that can be both monochromatic as well as multi-coloured. Moreover, these overlapping, heart-shaped petals come with a smile. These plants are tolerant of mild cold conditions and bloom again in case they wither in the cold.

8. African Marigold

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African Marigolds are the most popular annual flowers. They bloom throughout the summer and can be seen in almost every garden and flower beds.

This ruffled flower is widely available in Yellow and Orange colour. Marigolds are the cheapest annual flowers, with wide use in garlands, bouquets, and salad garnishes. These flowers are also known for their various medicinal properties.

9. Shevanti or Chrysanthemum

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Shevanti is the most versatile flower that is available throughout the season. Hence, you don’t need any special season for them to bloom in your garden bed.

These exotic blooms have different arrangements with a longer ray of flowers in the central disk. Besides the vibrant appearance, Chrysanthemum has wide medicinal and herbal applications.

Shevanti has a variant of colours, including yellow, pink, orange, and white.

10. Cosmos

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Cosmos are among the exotic and fastest-growing annual flowers that grow the best during the summer season. It has a daisy-like flowerhead and an airy opening in the shape of an inverted umbrella.

Cosmos are perfect wildflowers for your large country garden, with their long green stems and brilliant coloured flowers. Besides this, the cut flowers are an excellent addition to your table to enhance your indoor aesthetic decor.

Cosmos has spiky yellow bulbs, with variants of petal colours, including pink, yellow, and orange.

You will never be short of choices when looking for Annual plants for your home garden. However, to help you a little, we have shortlisted the above ten best Flowering Annual Plants that you must try.

These flowers are hassle-free to care for, easily available, and quite affordable. Above all, you can always try different varieties of these plants each growing season.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to and pick your favorite plant and get ready to turn your garden into your dream paradise.

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