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Top 10 Air Purifying Plants To Keep Your Air Clean

Top 10 Air Purifying Plants To Keep Your Air Clean

In 1989, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) joined hands with Associated Landscape Contractors of America (ALCA) to conduct a Clean Air Study. This study proved that air purifying plants are not only a luxury but also a necessity for every household.

Dr B C Wolverton also released a study that proved that plants are highly efficient in taking out benzene, ammonia, and formaldehyde from the house and gives you fresh and clear air suitable for human's consumption. Indoor plants are the latest trend everywhere. Reports have suggested that having one plant at every hundred square feet of the house keeps the air clean and breathable.

Let's have a look at the top 10 air purifying plants for the house:

1. Money Plant (Golden Pothos) 

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One of the most common air purifying plants in almost every household. The prime reason for this plant's extreme popularity is its name, and the second because it is an extremely low maintenance plant.

Money plants can strive almost in any condition - indoor, outdoor, underwater, in soil, anywhere. It requires medium light and water and will give you long, bushy and flourishing leaves in almost no time.

2. Peperomia Obtusifolia

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This indoor plant grows fastly and easily in indirect bright light or artificial lighting conditions. This requires frequent watering, but we are sure that you will get bowled over these plants.

The plant effectively filters out benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, and toluene from your home and gives you rich oxygen-filled air. This indoor plant grows well in the summers.

3. Snake Plant

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One of the most attractive and highly hardy indoor plants. It can easily thrive in low to extreme light conditions. This plant can survive without water, even for weeks. This plant has a funny nickname - Mother-in-law's tongue.

Snake plant is a number one choice even by NASA for filtering out the indoor air.

4. Peace Lily

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Peace lily, also known as Spathiphyllum, is one of the most popular indoor plants. It brightens up the living space and also removes toxins from your house. It is one of the easiest flowering indoor plants.

Peace Lily is more favorable to under-watering than over-watering. It requires fertilising only once to twice a year. The plant performs very well in low to medium sunlight.

5. Spider Plant

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This is an easy and fast-growing, elegant indoor plant. The plant has an extremely dense and thin leaf pattern, which is very similar to a spider web. And that's how this plant has derived its name.

The plant is an extremely low maintenance plant. This plant looks extremely beautiful in hanging pots, too.

6. Areca Palm 

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A Madagascar-origin flowering plant that has gained recent popularity as an air-purifying plant. It is a widely popular foliage indoor plant that has beautiful long, lush green leaves. The leaves are pointed and grow outwards and have a tall and beautiful appearance when placed indoors.

7. Syngonium

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A Feng Shui-approved house plant that has stunning dark green to light green leaves. The big wide leaves are a total delight to the eyes. The plant requires watering on demand. That means only when the topsoil is dry, then only you should water this plant.

Make sure that you clean the leaves regularly to give the perfect rich look to the Syngonium plant.

8. Rubber Plant 

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A vibrant, hardy yet beautiful indoor plant. This plant is also known as ficus elastica. It grows in ndirect sunlight conditions and requires minimal to low watering. This plant's leaves are soft, dark brown, stunning, and feel extremely delicate on hands.

Make sure that you clean the leaves regularly to give them a polished look and feel.

9. Philodendron

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This is another outstanding low-light plant that must feature in the category of air-purifying plants. This plant clears formaldehyde from the surrounding environment. It can easily thrive in artificial to low light conditions and requires minimal watering.

The plant has beautiful heart-shaped leaves, and thus it is also called a sweetheart plant. This plant has got many other leaf patterns like – elephant leaves, Selloum leaves, and likewise.

10. Chinese Evergreen

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This plant is also known as the aglaonema plant. As the name suggests, this is truly an evergreen plant. This plant has over 100 varieties, and it is truly a spectacular plant in every sense. This is a low watering plant that thrives in indirect bright light conditions.

This plant filters out benzene and formaldehyde from your surrounding area.

Support Greenery by Planting these Air Purifying Plants at Home
Indoor plants are a must-have in our current lifestyle. A home is incomplete without a lush green corner; the utility of air purifying plants is a lot more than aesthetic.

Nurserylive has pledged to make your abode healthy and green. Here we have mentioned some best-selling plants in the indoor air purifier plant variety. They are available as stand-alone and in-plant combos also.

You can order plant accessories like plant pots, fertilizers, watering cans, plant stands, and much more from this website. You can easily order air purifying plants of your choice which will be delivered to your doorstep.

Check the Nurserylive today and start filling your cart before the plant of your choice gets sold out!

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