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Eager to Bring Love, Luck & Prosperity in Your Life? Try these 10 Feng Shui Plants - Nurserylive

Eager to Bring Love, Luck & Prosperity in Your Life? Try these 10 Feng Shui Plants

Feng Shui is a widely revered system of laws governing spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy (chi).

Like Vaastu Shastra in India, Feng Shui determines favourable or unfavourable effects while designing buildings. There are certain types of plants that are classed as good luck plants.

Feng Shui plants are said to bring prosperity, fortune, love, and luck.

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Those Green friends charm up our neighborhoods and freshen up our moods. Having a number of houseplants is good to help purify the air in your home and improve humidity.

Feng Shui also says that certain plants help to balance the water element and result in displacing negative energy. Studies have shown that plants have a generally positive effect on a person’s well-being.

This article offers you an insight into some of the home friendly plants that can help you make a foray into saving the ecological balance whilst also bringing you a generous dose of fortune.

1. Lucky Bamboo

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The Lucky Bamboo brings harmony within the five key Feng Shui elements- Fire, Earth, Wood, Water and Metal thereby harboring and nurturing positive life experiences.

So, make sure you invest in the lucky bamboo plant for your home. The arrangement of the plant also indicates the peace, fortune, health, love and luck it attracts.

It is ideal to place the plant in the east to focus on family or the south-east which is the nucleus of wealth. 

2. Jade plant

Chinese folklore has it that coin-shaped leaves of Crassula Ovata plant symbolize wealth. In fact, according to Feng Shui, certain types of jade plants from the genus Crassula can help bring prosperity and good fortune.

Jade is a traditional gift given to new business owners and, when placed near the entrance, is thought to bring prosperity and success. No reason this shouldn’t work for the home too. 

3. Money Tree (Pachira)

This Feng Shui plant, as the name suggests, is said to attract money. Ornamental houseplant as it is, often we see pictures of it having braided trunks growing in containers.

Similar to jade plants, the money tree plant is said to invite fortune, wealth, and prosperity. Legend has it that the money tree plant became an auspicious plant when a poor man prayed for money.

He then came across this strange-looking plant. He viewed this as a lucky tree when he started making money selling the plants he grew from seeds.

4. Peace Lily

Peace lilies are known for their white flowers - symbolizing power and serenity. This plant grows well under artificial light and needs to be watered once a week only.

Given that it is low maintenance and equally striking in appeal, it is ideal for office spaces and also homes.

5. Orchids

They represent love - soothing the soul and deepening friendships. Its association with fertility and virility makes it a great gift for new parents - at least the Greeks thought so.

One of the most beautiful flowering plants, orchids are not just design elements. According to Feng Shui, orchids have the unique ability to bring good luck and fortune in love.

So if you know someone who recently became a momma or papa - go ahead and make their day!

6. Snake Plant

Also referred to as the mother-in-law’s tongue, Sansevieria Zeylanica is often considered in Feng Shui circles as a bad plant.

But behold, when placed in a secluded area in a crowded home, the plant exudes strong protective energy and shields the residents from negative Chi.

It has numerous health benefits as well - the snake plant absorbs the poisonous gases from the air and eliminates the toxins.

7. Tulsi (Basil)

Tulsi is a revered plant in the Indian subcontinent and considered as holy in the Hindu religion. Having this plant in house, removes all kinds of Feng Shui defects in the house.

By planting it in the house, there is no shortage of wealth and prosperity. Basil plant is touted to prevent adversities from creeping into the house.

8. Rubber Plant

Plant Rubber plants are great for young gardeners, as they are easy to care for and offer ample elegance to one’s space.

This glossy, green plant thrives in cool and low-light environments and promotes good feng shui by removing air toxins from indoor spaces. The beautiful, round leaves are said to represent abundance and wealth.

9. Air Plant

Feng Shui literally translates to 'wind and water'. In effect, air plants represent the quintessential definition of Feng Shui. Wind, (which is air) and water are all these plants need.

Rinse them or soak them briefly and then shake them out occasionally. Because no dirt is necessary, you can place them on shelves, a stack of books, a little nook- possibilities are endless.

10. Roses

Roses are believed to attract love and luck. In addition, different colors exude specific energies - white roses purify and heal, while a white rose with red markings symbolizes devotion and passion.

Peach roses bring peace, spirituality and friendship, lavender ones can be used to enhance spirituality in life, and Fuchsia roses are meant to express deep love and acceptance of your body.

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