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10 Mosquito-Repelling Plants You Must Keep In Your home

10 Mosquito-Repelling Plants You Must Keep In Your home

With Summer just around the corner, one can already feel the humidity in the air. The cool summer breeze, the fresh smell of cut grass, swaying hammocks, sandy beaches and evenings by the bonfire.

Summer is the long-awaited Season after a cold harsh winter. However, we tend to forget one tiny, little problem;

Mosquitoes. Those annoying little pesky buggers who are always humming near our ears and irritate us to no end. They are the unwanted, aggravating, troublesome creatures who always turn up uninvited.

There is no end to them, and we tend to exhaust ourselves slapping right and left to remove them from our presence, unsuccessfully. Thankfully nature has a quick fix to deal with these vexing scourge of summers.

Here are a few plants which are excellent repellents against Mosquitoes according to research.


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Worried about how to repel mosquitoes naturally? Simply get your garden area some pots of basil, and you are done. It belongs to the family of powerful, pungent herbs that can perfect companions to keep the bugs away.

Citronella Grass:

Citronella Grass (Cymbopogon nardus) is an amazing long-lived cluster plant that has a strong aroma. It is used to make Citronella oil which is used in making Insect repellents and essential oils.

This makes the plant an all-natural insect repellent Plant which is easy to grow (it grows up to 5-6 feet tall). The taste, however, makes it impossible to be used in cooking. You can grow it in a pot or your garden or even your balcony.

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Catnip ( Nepeta cataria) also known as Catmint, is used to obtain Nepetalactone which is used in organic pesticide sprays. These plants can naturally ward off mosquitoes as well as flies, cockroaches, and termites.

It also has medicinal properties and is used as a sedative and relaxant; it can also be infused as herbal tea. It is also a great attractant for butterflies and Cats. Around Two- thirds of the Cat species are attracted to Catnip.

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Lemon Balm:

A great choice for a mosquito repelling plant is lemon balm. Also popularly known as Horsemint, due to its strong smell, it has the ability to keep the insects and mosquitoes away.

You will not lose the butterflies and other birds due to it. This kind of plant grows effectively and requires lesser care, so you can handle it easily too.

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The plant due to strong scent does not let mosquitoes and other bugs stay in the garden space. It is basically a hybrid of water mint and spearmint – its fresh look and pleasant appearance can enhance the beauty of your garden to many folds.

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It is also a herb that contains wonderful properties to keep mosquitoes away, forever. It is simple to plant as well. The woody smell keeps all the unwanted bugs away that’s why farmers love planting in their fields too.

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Chrysanthemum is Ornamental Plants which are grown mostly for the beautiful flowers. It’s also called one of the gentlemen of the east because of its prominence in Asian paintings and sculptors. 

They are perennial plants that grow up to small or medium height and have been infused in herbal tea and wine. They produce Pyrethrum which is a natural source for insecticides which is also an essential ingredient for Persian Powder.

The flowers themselves are beautiful and would make a wonderful addition to your garden.

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Lavender(Lavandula) is best known for its purple flowers which have a soothing, calming scent. However, it is also a natural mosquito repellant. It is used for making essential oils and herbal tea which have a soothing effect.

They can be grown near a sunlit window or balcony and would become a natural barricade against mosquitoes.


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 Lemon Grass:

 Lemon Grass (Cymbopogon) also called Cochin Grass are more commonly cultivated for their culinary and medicinal properties. They are used for cooking and are also infused in Tea and perfumes.

They are a natural Mosquito repellent and are easy to grow. Their scent is lemony with earthy undertones which is light, refreshing, relaxing, and balancing. They can be grown in pots, gardens or balconies.


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The marigold, which you plant during the summer and spring, can help you at best. Well, many of you do not know that it kills the mosquitoes and related unwanted bugs. You can keep them in all those areas, which are prone to mosquitoes.


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Garlic is a wonderful anti-bacterial. If you do not know, plant some garlic plants in your garden so that you can get rid of mosquitoes naturally.

Garlic plants produce small amounts of their strong odor while growing and could be placed in a secluded area in order to ward off small groups of mosquitoes.

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