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The Power of Positivity - Why Plants Are A Perfect Fit For The Workplace (2/2) - Nurserylive

Reasons You Should Have Plant Decor In Your Office

"The simple act of paying positive attention to people has a great deal to do with productivity"

- Tom Peters, Best-Selling Author of 'In Search of Excellence'

In Part 1 of this series, we spoke about why employee productivity and happiness are the most important assets to a company's long-term prosperity. In this article, we will explain how plants benefit a building's ecosystem and improve the daily lives of their employees.

Here are THREE more reasons why plants are a perfect fit for the work place: -

Indoor plants are low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing, proving to be an excellent choice for interior design of both home and professional spaces

Create an inspiring work-space office for yourself - Plant Talk -  NurseryLive Wikipedia

Indoor plants such as Jade plant and Syngonium grow well in low light conditions and require less frequent watering than other plants.

This makes them an effective addition in environments as diverse as hospitals and schools to the more traditional office workplace.

This trend is so popular that companies like Amazon, Microsoft and Airbnb are incorporating green plants into their office design.

Plants absorb or reflect background noise to create a peaceful work environment

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While we have all witnessed the natural sound-proofing that trees on the road provide to our homes, the noise-cancelling impact of indoor plants is less publicized. Research at the South Bank University, London, has shown that plants such as Rubber plant and Areca palm deflect and absorb sound through their soft, flexible leaves.

Feng-Shui principles utilize plants to harmonize the environment and bring prosperity, good luck and long life to the users

Right plant at right place is key to brings good luck & prosperity, says Feng  Shui | | gardening in india

Feng-Shui and plants go hand-in-hand. Our green friends bring valuable life energy (qi) into our homes via the element of wood and inspires kindness, compassion and growth.

The ZZ plant, Spider plant and Money plant are all used frequently in feng-shui design practices to uplift the energy and naturally purify the environment. That concludes our series on why plants are the perfect fit for workplaces.

When are you going to bring a plant buddy to your office?

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