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Here Are Best Plant Gifts For Upcoming Festive Season !

Here Are Best Plant Gifts For Upcoming Festive Season !

In India, festivals and happy-community-moments happen every other day. It is a land of celebrations, where gifting is a norm and highly anticipated. Every event and occasion is treated with the same passion and care. But do we really know what to get for every occasion? If you don't have any, plants are a terrific gift to give someone straight immediately to make their lips curl into a smile.

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Every occasion has its own charm and requires a personal touch to make your special person feel loved. On these special occasions, sending plants as gifts via the internet is a fantastic, meaningful, and worthy concept. In August we have so many events coming up where plants can be perfect gift picks. We have Raksha Bandhan, Friendship Day, Independence Day, Teej and Entrepreneurship Day around the corner.

Here are few reasons you should be gifting Plants on these special days :

A. Plant Gifts Can Be Delivered in a Variety of Ways

It can be difficult to choose the ideal present for everyone's tastes. Plant presents, on the other hand, can fit any aesthetic and complement the recipient's own personality. A succulent pack for lazy gardeners, A Tulsi plant for ayurveda fanatics, A Bamboo plant for feng shui lovers and more. There is a plant for everyone.

B. Plants Can Help You Feel Better

Anyone who has ever felt at ease while caring for plants may attest to their therapeutic value. Plants promote regular attention and observation, which can help with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. Furthermore, studies suggest that plants help purify the air, improve focus, and elevate moods, which is very useful when you're locked at home for months at a time.

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Plant Gifts Are Personalized and Show You Care

Sending a plant can feel just as personal as sending any other gift because there are so many different kinds, sizes, and styles to pick from. There's a plant for everyone, from city dwellers with limited space who require extra-small plants to animal lovers who require pet-friendly green friends.

Plants are Great Companions

Plant care can also help people develop a habit and promote mental health, which is especially beneficial for the elderly or those who suffer from anxiety or depression. Observing plants grow over time and fostering a new life also provides a sense of connection, comparable to having a pet, but without the extra effort.

Here are few plant gifts that Nurserylive have put together to ease your hassle of decoding the creative ways of plant gifting.

1. Rakhi Plant Gifts :

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On Raksha Bandhan, what is the sweetest present you can give your sister? Giving a beautiful rakhi plant gift is a great way to show your love. It's just one of the many thoughtful ways you may show her how much you care and appreciate her.

When you give her a rakhi plant as a gift, she will be reminded of you and your bond every time she waters it and watches it develop over time. Add-ons such as small figurines, plant coasters, laces, chocolates, and tags can be given if you wish to go above and beyond.

From our category of Rakhi pkant gifts, you can choose from aglaonema, jade, haworthia, money plant, bamboo, peperomia, peace lily and more.

2 .The Good Luck Money Plant With a Jute Wrap

Buy Money Plant In Jute Wrap

Money plant is a one-of-a-kind way to give something that will last a lifetime and generate lasting memories. This gift set money plant in a plastic container wrapped with jute and tied in a stylish knot.

It can be displayed in the inside of a home, an office, or a business spot. It can be used to decorate table tops as well as hanging baskets to enhance the look of your balcony, terrace, or other outdoor space.

Perfect for gifting on any occasion under the sun, Money plant is on NASA's list of air purifiers and is considered a lucky plant in Feng Shui. The money plant is thought to bring wealth and good fortune.

3. Pleasing Peace Lily with Cute Hay Hat Monks

Buy Peace Lily With Monks

Peace lily a very rare indoor flowering plant, provides more than simply healthier air; its hardiness and ease of maintenance make it a favourite gift. This peaceful plant is frequently given as a sympathy gift and giving someone a peace lily is a way of acknowledging their journey and wishing them peace and support.

Peace lilies, according to Feng Shui concepts, are also very effective in balancing the energies of the spaces they inhabit.

You will receive a Peace lily plant potted in a red colour pot, as well as cute monks, in this Gift set. If you ask us, this is a perfect pick for Independence Day gifting rituals.

4. Admire True Love with Miniature Pink Rose - Gift Plant

Buy Miniature Rose Plant Gift

Do you want to give something unique to that important someone in your life but don't know what to get them? Why not present a more creative and long-lasting gift instead of cut flowers that will die in a few days? A miniature rose shrub will continue to develop and produce blossoms year after year, while cut roses will wilt and die in a week or so.

Consider presenting a living gift that, like your love, may grow and evolve.

This gift set includes a thriving miniature rose shrub planted in a beautiful pot. This is a perfect pick for any occasion, be it friendship day around the corner or teej festival.

So now you have your reasons and options open. What are you waiting for ? Get on a plant gifting spree and let us know what you chose to share your love.

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