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Did you know, nature helps us feel more relaxed and calm?

Did you know, nature helps us feel more relaxed and calm?

In a world, where we have become digitally mature but are beginning to lack mental peace, seeing the colour green can help rejuvenate the mind and body. Green evokes feelings of restfulness and harmony creating a sense of comfort amidst the very chaos that we deal with almost every day.

Oxygen is one of the reasons, but more than this, greenery has an aesthetic value that is both inspirational and impactful, leaving an imprint on our mind, body, and soul.

Have you ever realised how a short walk in the park refreshes the mind and body? Working with greenery around helps us become mentally calm, relaxed, and helps achieve tranquillity.

People Prefer Green Spaces

As per a study done in the Netherlands, people prefer neighbourhoods that are closer to green spaces. Living in urban areas, we face a battle between quality and quantity; the residents will choose quality because it leads to their well-being and satisfaction.

The combination of green space, social interaction, and adequate natural lighting is the most effective in improving an individual’s mental wellbeing.
Will you go to a park that does not have proper lighting and not another soul in the vicinity?

No! So, we need to combine the greenery with people, meetings, and other types of aspects which makes us feel safe and protected.

Greenery is a Restorative Environment

Back in 2001, Rachel Kaplan studied the impact of working around greenery after shifting her office. The new view was of the treetop where the birds and squirrels were playing all day long. This simple experience led to the beginning of a new study and a new concept called Restorative Environment was introduced.

In simple terms, the restorative environment leads to the rejuvenation of the mental repositories that have been earlier depleted due to the work pressure. It helps increase the attention span, mindfulness, and reduces stress.

All of these factors further contribute to working in a soothing environment and helps maintain a sound mind and physical wellbeing.

Green Spaces have Multiple Benefits

The benefit of green cover on your mental health includes:

  • It helps in improving the mood
  • It assuages the feeling of stress and anxiety
  • It helps boost confidence and self-esteem

Nature or green cover impacts you with five significant aspects. It Provides, Builds, Heals, Cleanses, and Improves.

In terms of provisioning, if you are in your backyard amongst the green cover with an ample amount of sunshine, this can help relieve fatigue and boost our energy levels.

Especially for those who have to work on the computer for long hours, getting out in nature helps with computer vision syndrome. You can jog, walk, exercise, or cycle. All of these lead to an improvement in your physical and mental fitness.
Source: Nurserylive

This implies that being relaxed, calm, and maintaining your cool is directly impacted by the greenery. Sometimes all you need is fresh air to reduce stress so that you can focus on the important things in life.

John Burroughs has expressed his liking towards nature with this perfect statement. “I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.”

Plus, the fact that when you are in the abode of nature, you are happier from within. As per several psychological studies, the colour green has a calming effect on the mind. So, the intensity of staying calm increases with your exposure to green.

There is no doubt in believing that staying near greenery has a healing effect and has a therapeutic essence. All you need to do is stay connected to the natural environment and bask in its freshness. At the end of the day, you will be relatively more relaxed, calm, and more in control of your senses.

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