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G5 (Patented Bio-organic Granules, 500 g)

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G5 is a Bio organic odourless granular plant food best for overall growth of the plant, flowering and fruiting. This product is certified by NOCA.

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About G5

G5 Granule is a wonder product containing five components. It has a multi-activity of giving lush green growth, profuse root growth and protection from root rot and insects. G5 also increases flowering and fruit formation.

Care Instructions

  • Keep the pouch in the dry area
  • Do not keep the pouch open for a long time
  • The pouch should be tightly closed and stored in dry space after use
  • Keep out of reach of children


  • This pack is sufficient for 1 plant potted in a pot having 5-6 inch upper diameter for 10 months
  • G5 Contains five different constituents: 1
  • Sea weed extract brings overall growth of plant due to plant cell division
  • Blend of vital amino acids gives healthy and vigorous growth with increased number of flowers and fruits
  • Humic acid gives profuse growth of white roots
  • Pest repellent herbal extracts protects plants from sucking pests
  • Anti root rot substances makes soil sterile and prevents harmful fungi such as Fugerium and Pithium

How to use?

  • 25gm-50gm per plant 2
  • 500g per 1000Sq
  • ft for lawn 3
  • For Fiedd Crop 8kg/16kg per Acre Once in 30 days
  • Mix in the top soil or near the roots

Special Notes

  • Watering should be done after applying
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    • What interval we should use this?

      You can use G5 fertilizers once 15 days

    • How to use it?

      How to use, How much to use?
      Apply around the plant but away from its main stem and water.

      20 gm per plant (Small)
      35 gm per plant (Medium)
      50 gm per plant (Big)