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DIY Beach Fun - Miniature Garden

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Fill your home with positive vibes and beauty by bringing this pack that contains a beautiful air plant with a glass vessel + stone sand + pebbles + preserve moss + Miniature toys.

This DIY product provides constituents separately to create your own miniature garden.
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  • This plant pack contains amazing air plant + Glass vessel + stone sand + pebbles + preserve moss + Miniature toys .
  • Air plants have the ability to reduce dust and increased humidity levels.
  • Air plant do not require soil for nutrients, they take most of its nutrients from the air.
  • They look like artificial plants, due to their elegance and beauty can be used to decorate an empty space.
  • Caring Instruction of Air plant used in this Miniature Garden

  • Spray water once a week and keep away from direct sunlight.
  • Place your air plants from direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Air plants prefer warm temperatures around 15 to 30 degree Celsius.
  • Provide Ample Air Circulation.
  • Providing artificial lighting is helpful if your plants lack a bright corner, in the house.

  • Caring for Preserve moss
  • Do not apply water directly on moss.
  • Keep the moss away from moisture. It will reduce the shelf life of the moss.
  • Do not keep moss directly on the soil. Arrange a layer of pebbles and place the moss on it to avoid direct contact with moisture.
  • Combo constituents

    SrNoItem nameQty
    14.9 inch (12 cm) Round Glass Bowl1
    2Stone Sand (White) - 100 g2
    3Stone Sand (Blue) - 50 g2
    4Air Plant, Tillandsia ionantha var. ionantha - Plant1
    5Preserved Moss (Green) - 4 g2
    6Chips Pebbles (Brown, Small, Polished) - 50 g1
    7Dada-dadi couple plastic miniature garden toys - 1 Pair1
    8Beach relaxing chairs plastic miniature garden toys - 2 Pieces1

    Special Feature

  • This pack makes the perfect gift, desk or shelf-top accent, and are even great for decorating in a kids room or classroom.
  • Air plants are mostly mistaken for being artificial as they are attractive and require no space.
  • They produce oxygen and reduce dust.
  • They increase the quality of the air and increase the green cover.
  • Air Plants get the majority of their nutrients from the air, that makes it very easy to care plant.
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