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Ginkgo biloba - Plant

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Ginkgo is a genus of highly unusual non-flowering plants.

Ginkgo biloba, known as ginkgo, also spelled gingko, or as the maidenhair tree, is the only living species in the division Ginkgophyta, all others being extinct. It is found in fossils dating back 270 million yea

Plant Specifications

*above specification are indicative only. actual dimensions may vary by +-10%
Common Name maidenhair tree
Maximum Reachable Height 40.00 to 50.00 feet
Flower Colour yellow color
Bloom Time April
Difficulty Level easy to grow

Planting and care

Ginkgo trees are multi-purpose in their uses as they make wonderful shade trees, specimen plants (including amazing bonsai) and street trees. As street trees, they are tolerant of city conditions such as air pollution and road salt.
Although they may need to be staked when saplings, once they have attained some size, staking is no longer required and the trees may also be transplanted with great ease and no fuss.

Ginkgo biloba care

Also called the maidenhair tree, ginkgo trees are long living, drought and pest resistant, and incredibly strong; so strong in fact, they were the only trees to survive following the Hiroshima atomic bomb attack. These trees may grow to a height of 80 feet; however, they are slow growers and as such will work well in many garden areas within
Ginkgos have a gorgeous yellow fall color and have a spreading habitat which varies dependent upon the cultivar.

Sunlight Full sun
Watering Medium
Soil well-drained soil
Temperature 16.6C
Fertilizer Apply any organic fertilizer

Ginkgo biloba special feature

Excellent selection for a variety of uses, including lawn tree, street tree or shade tree.

Ginkgo biloba uses

Medicinal Use:

  • for which ginkgo biloba extract is often recommended include depression, diabetes related nerve damage and poor circulation, allergies, vertigo

Culinary Use:

  • Ginkgo nuts are used in congee, and are often served at special

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another name for a Ginkgo biloba ?

Ginkgo biloba is commonly known as maidenhair tree

How tall do Ginkgo biloba grow?

On average Ginkgo biloba grows 40.00 to 50.00 feet

What color are Ginkgo biloba ?

A Ginkgo biloba plant bears flowers of color yellow color

When Ginkgo biloba blooms?

With enough light, Ginkgo biloba may produce yellow color flowers in April

How hard is Ginkgo biloba to grow?

A Ginkgo biloba is easy to grow

How much sunlight does a Ginkgo biloba need?

A Ginkgo biloba prefers Full sun

How much water does a Ginkgo biloba need?

A Ginkgo biloba prefers watering Medium

What kind of soil does a Ginkgo biloba need?

A Ginkgo biloba prefers well-drained soil

What temperature does a Ginkgo biloba like?

A Ginkgo biloba prefers 16.6C

How often should I fertilize my Ginkgo biloba ?

To encourage Ginkgo biloba growth, Apply any organic fertilizer

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