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Top 10 Sacred Plants To Strengthen Your Faith

Top 10 Sacred Plants To Strengthen Your Faith

Plants have always been considered as one of the purest gifts to mother Earth. It is believed that because of the plants, human beings could survive and ultimately evolve. Thus, when it comes to plants, some have a relevance attached to themselves.

In the list below, we have listed the top 10 sacred plants that are believed to be on the top of spiritual importance. Let's have a look -

1. Tulsi Plant 

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One of the most sacred plants in Indian mythology. You will find every household having a tulsi plant. Tulsi plant also comes in different varieties like - green tulsi, black tulsi.

Tulsi plant has religious as well as medicinal benefits. The leaves of the tulsi plant are known to cure cold and cough.

2. Bel Tree/Bilva Patra 

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The bel tree is considered highly sacred because it is closely associated with Hindu mythology. Bel tree is known for Lord Shiva. The leaves of these plants are offered to the Hindu deity Shiva. Bel trees are seen in almost the entire India except for the cooler climates.

Bel tree is also commercially cultivated as an orchard tree in some parts of India.

3. Parijaat Tree / Night Flowering Jasmine 

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This tree has a history. It is believed that Lord Krishna himself brought this tree from heaven for his wife, Rukmini. This tree bears flowers at night, which falls on the ground, making it the only flower offered to the deity even after falling on the ground.

This flower is also believed to be a favourite of Goddess Lakshmi and is used to worship her.

4. Kadam Tree

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Kadam tree is associated with Lord Krishna. It is believed that Lord Krishan spent his childhood and used to play the flute under this tree. Kadam tree is a favourite of Goddess Durga too. It is believed that Goddess Durga used to reside in the Kadamb forest.

5. Sita Ashok/Ashoka Tree

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Asoka tree is considered to be sacred throughout the entire Indian subcontinent. The flower of this ashoka tree is also the state flower of the Indian state of Odisha. The ashoka tree is a rainforest tree and has religious and spiritual significance attached to it. It is said that Lord Buddha was born under the Ashoka tree.

The ashoka tree is closely associated with the goddess Lakshmi, and its leaves are seen in several religious functions.

6. White Sandalwood Tree 

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The white sandalwood tree is considered to be very pure and sacred. It is used in numerous pujas and other religious functions. The paste of this plant is a major ingredient in Hindu mythology.

The paste, other than having religious significance, also has medicinal and beauty benefits.

7. Coconut Tree 

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This tree is symbolic of good health and relaxation. The coconut tree is considered to be highly sacred and has immense religious significance. The fruits of this tree are highly auspicious and a staple in multiple religious functions.

It is believed that on a new year's eve if you see a coconut tree in the morning, it indicates good fortune for you.

8. Peepal Tree

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t is believed that every Saturday, Goddess Lakshmi sits under the Peepal tree, and thus, it is worshipped in the majority of Indian households by lighting an earthen lamp. Some Hindu mythologies also indicate that when there was a war going between God Vishnu and Demons, then Lord Vishnu took shelter under this tree, and that's how he protected himself.

That is the reason why this tree has special religious importance.

9. Banyan Tree 

Banyan Tree

This tree is considered to be a heavenly tree because ancestors and lords loved spending time around this tree. The fruits and leaves of this tree are highly sacred and thus, used in several religious ceremonies. Banyan tree is also believed to be high in terms of spiritual energy, and it is also said to be one of the favourite trees of Goddess Durga.

Worshipping banyan trees is considered to be highly auspicious.

10. Lotus 

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One of the most beautiful flowers that are used in several religious functions. The flower has a bright pink colour and is seen growing in the lakes. The lotus flower is a major flower for Lakshmi and Durga Puja. You will find Goddess Lakshmi holding a lotus flower in her hand.

The lotus flower is also associated with Lord Brahma, and this is the reason that this flower is considered to be highly pure and sacred. Even the stem of this plant has special mythological significance attached to it.

As per Hindu mythology, sacred plants are quite relevant and have a big role to play in the family’s fortune and good health. The above given list is of highly sacred plants. All of these plants are available on our website.

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