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Potting Soil Mix for Fruit Plants in Pots- 5 kg

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Quality of the growing medium decides the quality of the plants. Soil in the pots/containers should be well drained and aerated. It should still retain moisture.

Contents: Soil, Perlite, Vermiculite, Cococpeat, Vermicompost.

Care Instructions

  • Keep this product away from the reach of children below 3 years


  • Environment friendly Excellent water holding capacityOrganicProvides best environment to the plants rootsNo harmful chemicalsCan be used to grow all type of plantsSpecially formulatedExcellent air porosity

How to use?

  • To fill pots/containers, vertical gardens, bio walls for growing fruit plants in pot
  • To prepare raised beds for growing Plants
  • To repot plantsTo amend existing soil in pots

Special Notes

  • This soil does not contain any specialized fertilizer like flowering or fruiting boosters.
  • Store this soil in cool & dry place.
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