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This is a very special and decorative planter which adds a luxurious flair to its surroundings.

Brighten up your living room, kitchen or bedroom with beautiful flowers and plants in this stylish planter. This planter has a very pleasing design, highlighted by the nice gloss .

Drainage holes will have to be drilled to prevent water logging if you want to use this planter as a pot directly and not as pot cover.


Self Watering No
Height 6.3 inch (16 cm)
Pot / Planter capacity 3.5 litre
Soil Capacity 3 Kg
Upper Length 6.7 inch (17.1 cm)
Upper Breadth 6.7 inch (17.1 cm)
Lower Length 5.1 inch (13 cm)
Lower Breadth 5.1 inch (13 cm)
Drainage Holes 0


Product Type Standard
Each unit contains 1 Planter
Color Red
Size Gloss Finish
Shape Square
Product Material Plastic


Indoor, outdoor, kitchen, living room, bedroom etc.


All types of indoor/outdoor plants.


Wipe out with soft and dry cloth, store in clean and dry place, handle with firm hands.

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