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Sanjeevani, Selaginella - Plant

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Sanjeevani Plant or the Resurrection Plant, scientifically known as Selaginella, is a remarkable and unique plant known for its ability to revive from a desiccated state. Native to desert regions, this plant curls up and appears dried out during periods of drought. However, when exposed to water, it miraculously unfurls and returns to life, showcasing its extraordinary adaptability.

Reviving the Sanjeevani Plant is an intriguing process that reveals its remarkable adaptability.

How to Resurrect Sanjeevani Plant?

  1. Rehydration: Start by placing the desiccated Sanjeevani Plant into a container of water, ensuring it's fully submerged. Gently press it down to ensure good contact with the water.

  2. Observation: Allow the plant to soak for several hou₹ Over time, you'll witness signs of life as the fronds gradually unfurl and expand.

  3. Hydration Phase: Keep the Sanjeevani Plant underwater until it has fully revitalized, a process generally taking around 24 hou₹ However, this timing can vary based on the plant's condition and environment.

  4. Root Immersion: While reviving the Sanjeevani Plant, ensure its roots remain submerged in water. This assists in effective absorption and rejuvenation.

  5. Caring Steps: After the revival, follow routine care guidelines for your Sanjeevani Plant. This includes suitable watering, humidity levels, light exposure, and temperature conditions.

  6. Cycle of Revival: The Sanjeevani Plant can go through multiple cycles of desiccation and revival. For healthy growth, allow intervals of rest between these revival phases, while maintaining consistent care during its active periods.

Remember, the Sanjeevani Plant's ability to revive echoes its natural survival strategy. By offering appropriate conditions and marveling at its exceptional rejuvenation, you can appreciate the remarkable wonder of this distinctive plant.

Caring Tips -
1. Once fully resurrected keep the plant in water in a way that only the roots are submerged in water and not the whole plant.
2. After resurrection plant requires indirect, bright light and no direct sunlight.
3. Make sure to keep the plant out of water for a day or two in a week. So that root rotting can be avoided.
4. Every couple of weeks, let the plant fully dry before reactivating growth.
5. Sanjeevani Plant do not require any special fertilizer.
6. Sanjeevani plants also do not require extra humidity so avoid misting plants unnecessarily.

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