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Green Walls- Why they are gaining in popularity in homes and offices

“Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction.” – Dr. Edward O. Wilson, American Sociobiologist known as the ‘Father of Biodiversity’


What are accent walls?

Accent walls are a very famous interior decoration technique. We’ve all seen at least one room in houses or offices where one wall is painted in a different colour to the other three. This gives the room special treatment and focuses the guest’s attention on the accent wall where trophies or a wide-screen TV are usually kept.


Image: Accent wall in a living room

How have green walls originated from accent walls?

Naturally, the accent wall concept has also caught on in offices, where designers optimize colour combinations and patterns to create the most productive environment for their employees.

Recently, companies have been going beyond colours and tiles and other material additions – instead, they have introduced plants to create a natural accent and form a ‘green wall’


Image: Green wall at Facebook office, Tel Aviv, Israel

Which companies have installed green walls in their offices?

These green walls are essentially vertical gardens with different types of plants growing on them.

Large companies like social media giant, Facebook (Tel Aviv office) and Cadbury chocolates manufacturer, Mondelez International (Madrid office) have begun to incorporate green walls into their interior decor.

This has paved the way for dozens of US and European companies, who have followed suit with their own, innovative takes on green walls.

Image: Green wall at Mondelez International, Madrid, Spain

Why are green walls so popular?

This green wall trend is catching on for the following reasons: -

1. Visual benefits 

The bright colours of plants offer a vivid contrast to the typical brick-and-mortar setup of an office or home and brighten up the place.


Image: Syngonium green wall to beautify indoor space, available at


2. Biophilic benefits 

Humans have an innate desire to be closer to nature. It’s why we enjoy walks in the park and vacations in lush green areas.

Bringing in natural elements to the home and office uplifts our mood and reduces anxiety and stress.

Image: Green walls for your balcony, available at

3. Temperature benefits 

The natural transpiration process of plants helps regulate temperatures within the office in an energy-saving manner.

Image: Evergreen indoor living wall, available at

4. Accoustic benefits 

Plants help reduce noise from the street and adjoining locations by absorbing, diffracting or reflecting sound.



Image: Textured indoor green wall with best foliage plants, available at 

5. Air purifying benefits 

The right combination of plants can help remove harmful toxins such as benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene from the air.


Image: Air purifying green walls for your home / office, available at

 You can find our collection of green walls here.

 When will you be installing a green wall in your home or office? Tell us in the comments below 

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