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Tips to try your hands at gardening this monsoon - Nurserylive

Tips to try your hands at gardening this monsoon

Monsoon season is the perfect season to try your hands at gardening, as there is little to maintain the plants. This is the most suitable season for planting, and adjusting the existing plants for taking in the full pleasure of nutrient. 

Let's welcome monsoon with planting trees and setting your garden for dewy rains. 

Since extensive rains can destroy and harm the garden and plants altogether. To prevent your plants from being affected by the rain, you can dig spots, and make proper drainage in the garden.

If need be choosing a shed, or rain cover can be effective for balcony gardens or small seedlings of houseplants. 

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If you plan to plant new fruit plants like Mango, Banana, Guava, Chikoo, etc., this is the right season. You can plant the saplings before the rain arrives, and at the end of this season, you will watch them thrive.

if you are preparing a vegetable garden or thinking of growing seasonal flowering plants, try your hand at sowing seeds. Select the best quality seeds for monsoon gardening.

For monsoon ready garden try to select plants with deep and fibrous roots as they absorb rainwater efficiently. Choose the best kind of garden soil. You can prepare the right soil for the monsoon garden.

The ideal garden soil is the one with good water holding capacity, humus content, and well-drained soil. 

Some tips to be taken care of your garden would be-

  • Check your drainage system in the garden area or where the pots are placed. Water should not get clogged or to be allowed to stagnate as it can make plants roots rot easily.
  • Move your indoor plants outdoors, as it will help them grow and nurture in freshwater. 
  • Check your soil surface for the green algae and remove them to stop the growth of larva, insects around.
  • You will find earthworms around during monsoon. These are gardener’s friend. They not only aerate the soil, but they also fertilize it tremendously, so retain them and do not harm around the soil.
  • Soon after summer, pruning and application of fertilizer are the two important tasks that need to be done by all garden lovers.

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  • Flies and insects need to be taken care of, as during monsoon they try to engulf the garden. Tricks like keeping kerosene beneath them can help get rid of insects.
  • Planting herbs and plants which are insect repellents can help in maintaining a healthy garden during monsoon.
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