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Self Watering Planters

Self Watering Planters

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Result: 37 products. Are you someone who tends to over-water the houseplants? If yes, then Nurserylive has the best solution to your problem. The self-watering planters of Nur. . . read more >


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About Self Watering Planters

Are you someone who tends to over-water the houseplants? If yes, then Nurserylive has the best solution to your problem.

The self-watering planters of Nurserylive are an excellent help for those who either forget to water their plants or overdo it.

This is the smartest way of ensuring that your plants get a consistent supply of water as overwatering leads to the loss of precious nutrients in the soil, and less watering can dry out the plant.

The self-watering planters by Nurserylive also promote water conservation, as plants only absorb the required amount of water. These self-watering planters are an ideal option if you want to plan a long vacation.

You no more have to be worried about your plants drying out in your absence. Available in a variety of shapes, designs, and colours, these self-watering planters look elegant and chic.

They will brighten up the ambience of your house. You can also find hanging self-watering planters that look adorable on balconies. Nurserylive has come up with a whole range of self-watering planters that will fit in any house garden, and the durable material makes them long-lasting as well.

The pots are also lightweight and easy to carry. Some of the self-watering pots varieties include Round Plastic Planter, Hydrofall Planter, Square Plastic Planter, etc., available in a multitude of colours like yellow, blue, peach, red, white and many more.

You can choose some stunning flower bulbs for your self-watering planters and beautify your house garden even more. So, bring home a self-watering planter by Nurserylive and save time, effort, and water!


are self watering planters good?

Yes Most indoor plants especially tropical plants vegetables annuals and perennials thrive in self-watering containers.

are self watering pots good for herbs?

Herbs benefit from self-watering pots because they ensure that the plants receive continuous and uniform hydration. They aid with the prevention of problems such as drowning and overwatering. They can also be utilised to deliver nutrition to herbs lowering the danger of fungal illnesses.

are self watering pots good for succulents?

Most self-watering containers can hold water for several days or longer. These containers are ideal for plants. Cacti and succulents as well as other plants that require a dry medium are usually not ideal for them.

do self watering pots cause root rot?

There is no overflow opening on some self-watering planters. As a result the water may overwhelm the platform and soak the soil deeply.

what are self watering pots good for?

This wicking mechanism is used in self-watering pots to deliver the ideal amount of water to keep your plants moist.

where to buy self watering planters?

A wide variety ofself-watering-planters available on can exploxre and order them from there accordenly.