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Gifts for Special Days

Gifts for Special Days

Result: 94 products.
Result: 94 products. Festivals and special occasions are just excuses that we constantly need to express our love and gratitude to our loved ones. And nothing is a better way . . . read more >

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About Gifts for Special Days

Festivals and special occasions are just excuses that we constantly need to express our love and gratitude to our loved ones. And nothing is a better way to show these emotions than through thoughtful gifts. When you are in search of loving yet exciting gifts for special days, turn to

Our extensive collection of gifts for special days is perfect for any occasion, be it birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc. Simply browse through our online collection and pick from our beautiful plant gift packs.

Has your best friend landed their dream job? Is your cousin getting married? Is your colleague about to become a mother? No matter the occasion, we have the perfect green gifts for all. We have many adorable gifts for special days waiting to be picked by you.

Choose 2 Layer Lucky Bamboo in I Love Mom Mug to show your love for mommy dearest. Bestow good luck on your loved ones with Ficus Bonsai Plant with Two Mini Buddha Idols. Gift happiness in the form of 3 Layer Lucky Bamboo Plant with Cute Monk Statues. Wish a happy ever after to a lovely couple with Forever Love Miniature Garden.

Why Choose Nurserylive to Celebrate Special Days with Loved Ones? is home to over 6000 plants and seeds for home and office gardens. Our gifts for special days collection are carefully curated by our in house experts. We are sure you will find something worth loving in the collection and choose it to surprise and wish your dear ones with.

To make your gifts for special days more exciting, you can choose our miniature garden toys and accessories. These will deck up the area the plant is kept in, turning it more attractive. Don’t wait for a second longer, start browsing, start picking and start sending. Happy gifting with Nurserylive!


can we gift bamboo plants for special days?

A bamboo plant is always a good choice as a present. There are numerous solutions to the bamboo plant gift meaning and even if you ignore all of the luck-related meanings bamboo is an excellent present since it aids in the purification of indoor air.

can we gift a jade plant for special days?

Jade Plant is supposed to generate financial forces and is a popular good luck charm. The presence of jade in the home or business is seen to be auspicious. The Jade plant emits beneficial chi or pleasant energy. It is a typical gift for Father, business owners, and managers.

can we gift money plant on special days to others?

Money Plant One of the most widely utilized fortunate plants at home is the Money Plant. Planting a money plant at home is thought to be the most effective technique of invoking the charm of good fortune and success.

can we gift plants on special days?

Plants can be given as a present for any occasion. They are a gesture of respect indicating that you trust someone and that they have a nurturing personality.

which plants to gift on special days?

Many plants can be used for gifting purposes in fact gifting plants is a very good choice. Plants like money plant lucky bamboos succulents etc are perfect plant choices for gifting. Explore more plant gifting options on nurserylive.

why gift plants on Fspecial days?

A handpicked selection of popular indoor plants, from Money Plant, Snake Plant, Rubber Plants, to exotic species like Haworthia and Sweetheart Hoya plants feature in our special days plant Gifts.