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Gardening Accessories

Gardening Accessories

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Result: 12 products. Gardening accessories or tools are amongst several instruments explicitly made for horticulture and agriculture, well-classified into 'power tools' and 'h. . . read more >

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About Gardening Accessories

Gardening accessories or tools are amongst several instruments explicitly made for horticulture and agriculture, well-classified into 'power tools' and 'hand tools'.

About Gardening Accessories

The most common garden accessory used by gardeners is the hoe. It is a broad-toothed gardening tool whose primary function is to dig and excavate the soil.

The 'gardener's pick', or fork, is another useful garden accessory, used to plant seedlings and take care of them in the growing season.

To control weeds, gardeners use a trimmer, a small tool that has a narrow blade used to shred leaves, stems and even roots from plants.

These become super important if you are serious about creating a healthy garden. They save you time and give you results.

Uses of Gardening Accessories

Among the essential garden accessories, you will need -

  • rake
  • shovel
  • pick-axe
  • spade
  • wheelbarrow
  • a ball of twine or string

You may use garden accessories like spades and shovels to remove excess grass. they can also be used to remove rocks from pathways or patios.

A plough, or shovel, is used to till the soil and loosen up the dirt for planting seeds.

At the same time, a tiller or a cultivator makes the soil structure compact. Of course, some of these items may not be immediately necessary. But while others, such as the spade, will become integral to your garden's success.

They are excellent for digging up gardens and planting seeds.

Additional gardening accessories also includes -

  • gloves
  • clothing
  • masks
  • spades
  • forks
  • knives
  • spades
  • trowels.

Why Choose NurseryLive?

NurseryLive helps you start your garden, with essential gardening accessories that you will need. We provide top-quality spades and shovels, plough, shovel, and many more! To get the best gardening accessories, visit NurseryLive's online site.

We have an array of modern garden accessories, available in the pocket-friendly range. Check your required equipment and find happiness where you have planted a gem!

Gardening Gloves

Green-thumb armor! Slip on a trusty pair of gardening gloves, shielding your hands from dirt, moisture, and pesky thorns while tending to your beloved plants.

Watering Cans

Hydration heroes! Choose from a diverse array of stylish and functional watering cans, ensuring your plants receive the perfect amount of life-sustaining H2O.

Garden Tools

Horticultural handiwork! Equip yourself with essential gardening tools, from trowels and spades to pruners and shears, conquering any gardening task with confidence and ease.

Soil Test Kits

Subterranean sleuths! Uncover the secrets of your garden's soil with a handy test kit, fine-tuning your plants' environment for optimal growth and vitality.

Plant Labels

Identification innovation! Keep track of your growing green family with creative plant labels, showcasing your botanical knowledge and adding a touch of flair to your garden.

Garden Kneelers

Horticultural comfort! Ease the strain on your knees and joints with a supportive garden kneeler, making your gardening sessions a more enjoyable and ergonomic experience.

Gardening Aprons

Soil-saving style! Don a fashionable gardening apron, protecting your clothes from dirt and debris while adding a touch of sartorial elegance to your outdoor pursuits.

Garden Storage Solutions

Organizational oasis! Keep your gardening accessories neat and tidy with clever storage solutions, from tool racks and sheds to garden caddies and carts.

Seedling Trays

Sprouting superstars! Nurture your fledgling plants with seedling trays, providing the ideal environment for your tiny green companions to grow strong and healthy.

Plant Stakes & Supports

Botanical scaffolding! Lend your plants a helping hand with plant stakes and supports, ensuring they grow tall, straight, and stunning in your garden.

Gardening Hats

Sun-smart chic! Shield your face from the sun's rays with a stylish and protective gardening hat, keeping you cool and comfortable during your outdoor adventures.

Garden Totes & Tool Bags

Portable practicality! Transport your gardening accessories with ease in a durable and stylish garden tote or tool bag, ensuring you have everything you need, wherever you go.

Garden Decor

Aesthetic accents! Enhance your garden's visual appeal with eye-catching decor, from whimsical sculptures and ornaments to enchanting wind chimes and solar lights.

Plant Misters

Humidity heroes! Maintain the perfect moisture levels for humidity-loving plants with a functional and stylish plant mister, encouraging lush and vibrant growth.

Gardening Books & Guides

Knowledge nuggets! Expand your horticultural horizons with gardening books and guides, offering a wealth of wisdom, tips, and inspiration for your green endeavors.

Garden Pest Control

Critter combat! Keep unwanted pests at bay with effective and eco-friendly pest control solutions, ensuring your plants remain healthy and unharmed.

Composting Accessories

Waste-to-wonder! Transform your kitchen scraps and garden waste into nutrient-rich compost with handy composting accessories, nourishing your plants and reducing landfill waste.

Garden Hoses & Accessories

Water-wise wonders! Invest in a high-quality garden hose and accessories, making watering your plants a breeze while conserving this precious resource.

Greenhouses & Cloches

Climate control! Create a protected microclimate for your plants with greenhouses and cloches, allowing you to grow a diverse range of flora in your garden.

Gardening Gift Ideas

Green-thumb gifting! Delight the gardeners in your life with thoughtful and practical gardening accessories, nurturing their passion for plants and the great outdoors.


What are gardening accessories?

Gardening accessories are tools and equipment that are used to maintain and care for a garden. They include items such as gloves, watering cans, trowels, and pruning shears.

What are the most essential gardening accessories?

The most essential gardening accessories include gloves, a watering can, a trowel, a rake, and pruning shears.

What type of gloves are best for gardening?

Gardening gloves should be durable, breathable, and provide good grip. Leather gloves are a popular choice as they provide protection and durability.

What is the purpose of a watering can?

A watering can is used to water plants in a controlled manner, allowing you to avoid over-watering or damaging delicate plants.

What is the purpose of a trowel?

A trowel is used for planting, digging, and transplanting small plants. It is an essential tool for any gardener.

What is the purpose of a rake?

A rake is used to gather leaves, debris, and other materials from the garden. It can also be used to level soil and prepare it for planting.

What is the purpose of pruning shears?

Pruning shears are used to trim and shape plants. They can also be used to remove dead or diseased branches.

What type of pruning shears are best for gardening?

There are two types of pruning shears - bypass and anvil. Bypass shears are best for pruning live branches, while anvil shears are best for pruning dead wood.

What is a garden hose nozzle used for?

A garden hose nozzle is used to control the water flow from a garden hose. It can be used to adjust the water pressure and spray pattern.

What type of garden hose is best for gardening?

A garden hose should be durable, kink-resistant, and have good water pressure. A rubber or vinyl hose is a good choice for most gardening needs.

What is a soil pH meter used for?

A soil pH meter is used to measure the acidity or alkalinity of soil. This information helps gardeners choose the best plants for their soil type.

What type of fertilizer is best for gardening?

The best fertilizer for gardening depends on the type of plants being grown and the soil conditions. Organic fertilizers are a popular choice as they are safe and effective.

What is a compost bin used for?

A compost bin is used to turn organic waste into nutrient-rich compost for the garden. It is an eco-friendly way to improve soil quality and reduce waste.

What type of garden tool storage is best?

Garden tool storage should be durable, easy to access, and have enough space for all your tools. A tool shed or a tool rack are popular choices.

What is a plant label used for?

A plant label is used to identify plants in the garden. It can also provide information such as the plant's name, care instructions, and planting date.

What type of plant labels are best?

Plant labels should be durable, weather-resistant, and easy to read. Plastic or metal labels are a good choice.

What is a garden kneeler used for?

A garden kneeler is used to provide a comfortable surface to kneel on while gardening. It can also be flipped over to provide a bench for sitting.

What is a garden apron used for?

A garden apron is used to protect clothing while gardening. It typically has pockets for storing tools and seeds.

What is a bulb planter used for?

A bulb planter is used to plant bulbs in the ground. It creates a hole for the bulb and helps to space them evenly.