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Best Seller Gifts

Best Seller Gifts

Result: 42 products.
Result: 42 products. There are about a million reasons to gift your friends and family things. Most often, we do it without any reason but love! NurseryLive offers a bundle of. . . read more >


  • low maintenance money plant kokedama with ceramic plate
    low maintenance money plant kokedama with ceramic plate
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    Original price ₹ 443
    Original price ₹ 443
    Original price ₹ 443
    Current price ₹ 399
    ₹ 399
    Current price ₹ 399

    Low Maintenance Money Plant Kokedama with Ceramic Plate

    DescriptionKokedama is an crafted Japanese Hanging Moss Ball. It is a truly unique way of displaying your favorite plants and creating an indoor pl...

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    Original price ₹ 443
    Original price ₹ 443
    Original price ₹ 443
    Current price ₹ 399
    ₹ 399
    Current price ₹ 399
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About Best Seller Gifts

There are about a million reasons to gift your friends and family things. Most often, we do it without any reason but love! NurseryLive offers a bundle of trending gifts to bring joy and greenery to every home!

There are a variety of trending gifts available that can be personal, useful, and very thoughtful. The beauty of using plants and flowers as gifting ideas makes them versatile and suitable for any occasion.

There are several unique features of our gifts that can benefit you greatly. You can help your loved ones get started with their garden. Simply choose a collection of seeds and tools that can help them build their own green space. It is among our most practical trending gifts available yet.

Our trending gifts include a selection of single pots for those with a limited budget, a plant and a set of artefacts for those looking to add something special, and an assortment of plants for anyone looking to make a statement with their gifts.

Our potted plants in themselves convey a special message and sentiment. Check out our Hoya plants set in an attractive couple’s pot, or look for the propitious Buddha pot and money plant for good luck. The Sansevieria plant, coupled with Ganesha idol and air purifier plants is also among our more popular trending gifts.

Don’t forget to look for special deals and discounts available in the trending gifts section of our website. You are sure to come away with something special on selected plants and through gifting seasons.

NurseryLive brings you the ultimate collection of trending gifts that are classy and genuinely unique. You can continue to build and add to your gifts by including tools, accessories, and unending customisations possible with our products.

Personalized Photo Albums

What's better than a trip down memory lane? A tailor-made album to hold those precious moments. Customize it with names, dates, or a favorite quote for a truly memorable gift.

Smart Home Gadgets

Make their life easier and more efficient with cutting-edge tech. From voice-activated assistants to smart plugs, they'll wonder how they ever lived without these modern marvels.

Luxury Scented Candles

Light up their world with indulgent aromas and chic designs. These coveted candles create a cozy ambiance while exuding an air of sophistication.

Gourmet Food Baskets

A delectable delight for the taste buds! Gift a beautifully arranged basket filled with artisanal cheeses, chocolates, and wine for a truly epicurean experience.

Best-Selling Books

Ignite their imagination with page-turners that are topping the charts. From gripping thrillers to inspiring biographies, there's a best-seller for everyone on your list.

Aesthetic Phone Cases

Style meets protection with these trendy phone cases. They'll love showing off their personality while keeping their device safe and sound.

Vintage Board Games

Bring back the nostalgia of family game night with a classic board game. Monopoly, Scrabble, or Clue—these old-school favorites never go out of style.

Experiential Gifts

Create unforgettable memories with gifts that can't be wrapped. Cooking classes, spa days, or hot air balloon rides—these experiences will leave a lasting impression.

Designer Accessories

Elevate their wardrobe with a touch of luxury. A sleek leather wallet, elegant silk scarf, or statement belt makes for a timeless and cherished present.

Fitness Gadgets

Help them crush their goals with the latest in fitness tech. From smartwatches to wireless earbuds, they'll be unstoppable on their wellness journey.

Custom Engraved Jewelry

Make a statement with personalized pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind. A monogrammed necklace or initial bracelet shows thoughtfulness and impeccable taste.

Limited Edition Art Prints

Add a splash of color and culture to their space with exclusive art prints. These conversation starters will have everyone asking, "Where did you get that?"

Cozy Blankets

Wrap them in warmth and style with a luxurious throw. Perfect for snuggling up with a good book or binge-watching their favorite show.

Streaming Service Subscriptions

Keep them entertained all year long with access to the hottest movies, shows, and music. The gift that truly keeps on giving!

DIY Craft Kits

Unleash their inner artist with a fun and engaging craft project. From candle-making to pottery, these kits are a creative outlet for all ages.

Travel Accessories

For the jet-setter in your life, gift them sleek luggage, a stylish passport holder, or a cozy travel pillow. They'll be ready to take on the world in style.

Bespoke Skincare Sets

Pamper them with a personalized skincare routine tailored to their unique needs. Glowing skin and a confidence boost—what more could they ask for?

Unique Planters

Give their greenery a chic upgrade with eye-catching planters. From minimalist designs to quirky shapes, they'll love showing off their botanical beauties.

Custom Puzzles

Challenge their intellect with a jigsaw puzzle featuring a favorite photo or artwork. A personalized way to pass the time and flex their mental muscles.

Premium Coffee and Tea Sets

Elevate their morning ritual with a curated selection of gourmet beans or loose-leaf teas. Paired with a stylish mug, it's a caffeine lover's dream come true.


What are the best-selling gift items in India?

At Nurserylive, we offer a wide range of best-selling gift items, including indoor and outdoor plants, personalized mugs, chocolates, and accessories like planters and gardening tools. These gifts are popular because they are unique, thoughtful, and eco-friendly, making them an excellent choice for any occasion.

Are plants a popular gift item in India?

Yes, plants are a very popular gift item in India because of their natural beauty and ability to improve the air quality. At Nurserylive, we have a wide range of indoor and outdoor plants, including succulents, bonsai trees, and flowering plants, that are perfect for gifting.

Can I personalize the gifts I buy from Nurserylive?

Yes, we offer a range of personalized gifts, including customized mugs and planters. You can add your own message or photo to make the gift extra special.

How can I choose the perfect gift from Nurserylive?

To choose the perfect gift from Nurserylive, consider the recipient's interests and preferences. If they love plants, you can choose from our range of indoor and outdoor plants. If they are a foodie, you can opt for our range of chocolates and snacks. You can also customize your gift to make it more personal.