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Elaeocarpus Ganitrus, Rudraksha - 0.5 Kg Seeds

Rudraksha, or rudraksh, Sanskrit: rudrākṣa ("Rudra's eyes").
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Rudraksha is a large, evergreen broad-leaved tree found in tropical and sub-tropical areas at the altitudes ranging from seacoast to 2,000 meters above the sea level. The tree is a perennial i.e.grows throughout the year.

Common name: Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Roxb
Color: White
Bloom time: Rainy season
Height: Grows up to 200 ft in height and about 4 ft in girth.
Difficulty level: Hard

Planting & Care
The environment and location of Rudraksha trees plays a major role in the bead formation and the type of bead formed.

Sunlight: Full Sun

Soil: Mix equal parts peat moss and potting soil together.

Water: Keep soil moist throughout the growing season.

Temprature: 25-30 degree centigrade.

Fertilizer: Apply any organic fertilizer.

  • Set your pot on its flood tray in a warm, bright room.
  • If possible, place the pot in a greenhouse.
  • If not, keep it indoors in a temperature-controlled room.
  • Keep the temperature between 65 and 80 degrees year-round.
  • Cover the drain hole in the bottom of the pot with a large river stone.
  • Rudrakshas like humidity; they will appreciate plenty of moisture in their soil as well.
  • The river stone still allows some runoff, but keeps most of the water in the soil.
  • Mix equal parts peat moss and potting soil together.
  • Most potting soils have a neutral pH while evergreens, like the rudraksha, usually like acidic soil.
  • The peat moss adds acidity and nutrients to the soil.
  • Fill your pot with the mixture up to about 3 inches below the rim.
  • Dig a hole about 1 inch deep in the center of your pot.
  • Drop in a fresh rudraksha berry; it should be bright blue.
  • Cover it gently with soil.
  • Water the soil until it dribbles into the flood tray.
  • Empty the flood tray immediately.
  • Water the soil about every three days.
  • Be patient.

  • It may take several weeks to a month before you see a sprout.
  • Once your seedling reaches about 3 inches tall, mist it daily with room temperature water.
  • This simulates humidity and helps your rudraksha thrive.

Special Feature:
Rudraksha beads are a plant product, containing carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and trace elements in combined form.
Ornamental use:
  • The plant is used for ornamental purpose.


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