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Soilrite Plus (Soil-less Potting Mix with Nutrients) - 2 kg

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Perfect soil substitute for potted and container plants indoors and outdoo Blended to improve the yield and immune system of plants with natural minerals and organic nutrients. Clean of weed and disease. Lightweight and ease of versatility. Ingredients of top quality with no harmful chemicals. Perlite contributes to soil aeration, hydration, and drainage development. Early and stronger germination of seeds. Saves Water Frequency.

Care Instructions

  • Store in a cool and dry place
  • Keep this product away from the reach of the Children. If ingested, consult a physician immediately


  • Sphagnum peat moss, horticulture perlite, and vermiculite blended with microbial culture and organic nutrients.

Special Feature

  • Complete soilless growing medium.
  • Sphagnum peat blended with natural minerals and organic nutrients
  • Perlite helps in improving the aeration and drainage property of the medium
  • Enhances growth and development of plants
  • Corrects the nutrients deficiency of both major and minor nutrients & enhances plant vigor.
  • No phytotoxicity & Non-residual effect
  • Encourages early and better seed germination

Directions For Use


a. Pot plant straight into Soilrite Plus & wet surface

b. Mix Soilrite Plus with available soil in the following proportions: Place the plant, and water to wet the mix

Red Soil: 1 part / Soilrite Plus: 2 parts
Clay Soil: 2 parts / Soilrite Plus: 1 part
Sandy Soil: 1 part / Soilrite Plus: 1 part


Fill a seed tray with Soilrite Plus to a depth of 5 cms (2 ) and sow the seeds. Use screen material to cover seeds when required. Place the tray in a polythene bag or cover with glass. Remove covering when seeds have germinated


Prepare a mix of 50% of soil and 50% Soilrite Plus. The advantage of using this mix is its lightweight, which helps in easy moving and relocating the containe


Soilrite Plus can be spread by mixing with soil @ 75:25 ratio to lay a lawn. If required feed fertilizer after 25 days


Dig planting pocket 6* larger than the plant roots. Place the plant and fill the area with Soilrite Plus around roots and water thoroughly.

Special Notes

Perlite is not the source of nutrients. It is an inorganic product that can hold on to moisture and nutrients in the soil.

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