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Top 8 hardy Climber Vines

While perennials are best to keep the structure covered year-round, starting off with a few annuals can help fill in the blank spots until a couple of seasons have thickened up the permanent residents. Here are a few hardy scramblers to brighten up your lattice.

Perennial twiner that grows up to 30 feet. Blooms May to June for up to 4 weeks. Features 4 petals, 2 inches across and deciduous green leaves. 

Annual (in the North) twiner that grows up to 15 feet. Blooms summer to frost. Features fragrant, trumpet-shaped white blooms are 5 to 5½ inches across and unfurl in late afternoons for night bloom. Each blossom lasts only a day. Foliage is rich green with round or heart-shaped leaves. 

Sweet Pea
Thick-flowering annual that grows up to 6 feet, with fragrant blooms in a variety of colors and small green leaves. 

Morning Glory
Available in annual varieties and vigorous perennials bloom from midsummer to autumn. Grows up to 20 feet of pink, purple, blue, or white flowers. 

Bougainvillea glabra
Perennial that grows 15 to 25 feet and blooms summer to frost. Features three petal-like bracts surround tiny white florets that form in clusters at tips of stems. Evergreen green or variegated heart-shaped leaves. 

Carolina Jasmine Gelsemium sempervirens
Perennial that grows 10 to 20 feet and blooms spring and summer. Features fragrant, pale to deep yellow trumpet-shaped blooms up to 1¼ inches long and evergreen glossy, lance-shaped leaves. 

Hydrangea anomala petiolaris
Perennial that grows up to 50 feet. Blooms 4 to 6 weeks in late spring. Provides winter interest with rough, peeling bark on stems. Features fragrant white lacecap flowers and green, finely toothed, heart-shaped leaves. 

Dutchman's Pipe
Perennial that grows 25 to 30 feet. Blooms May and June. Features pipe-shaped but inconspicuous blooms with deciduous, dark green large heart-shaped leaves. 

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