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Top 6 easy summer flowers 

Choose flowers for their color, beauty, and fragrance, of course—but also consider the season in which they bloom.

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I just love marigolds, especially the French type. French Marigolds are less frilly than regular marigolds – more daisy-like and less like a mum.

Every year, it seems like they come out with a new hybrid, taking marigolds from traditional yellow and orange to crimson and mahogany.

Marigolds grow low and spread – perfect for borders in the garden or trailing from a big pot. They’re great for Cary gardens because they love it hot and dry.

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Another staple of the Piedmont garden is the Petunia.

Like marigolds, most varieties of Petunias want to sprawl or trail.

Petunias tend toward reds and purples with a color range extending all the way to white. So, you’ll see hybrids that are pink, lavender, eggplant or maroon.

Petunias also like it hot and fairly dry. The newer varieties are “self-cleaning” – that is, the old blooms drop off without dead-heading.


Another very useful sun plant. Zinnias grow about 18-24? tall in a variety or yellows, reds and oranges. They bloom well into fall.

Dwarf Sunflowers

I admire people who have a spot for tall sunflowers. I have no such spot.

But dwarf sunflowers have always worked well in my garden. These smaller varieties (24-36?) have sturdy stems and produce heads 4-6? across. Goldfinches love them.

Great in pots or beds – needs a sunny spot.


Begonias like a fair amount of shade. If you have a partly sunny to full shade spot, try begonias.

Begonias usually come in a limited color variety – green leaves or bronze leaves, white flowers or red flowers. Some newer orange shades and even yellows have been making their way to market over the past few years.

I like begonias because they produce color in shady spots and bloom until frost. The grow tender green spikes in the autumn, adding interest to the garden. 



Impatiens are another shade flower. They have simple white or pink flowers on dark green foliage and are a good bed and border plant for the shade.

New Guinea Impatiens, however, like it sunny and come in bold colors and stripes.

Check out both types of Impatiens and see what works in your garden.


Start with a specific spot. Make notoe of the light, water and soil condition. 

There are so many beautiful plants for our easy climate in Cary. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the choices.


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