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Top Indoor Draught Tolerent

Aloe vera - Succulent Plant

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Aloe vera, Ghrita-kumari is the famous medicinal plant with an ornamental and cultural beliefs.

Sansevieria trifasciata Golden Hahnii, Snake Plant - Succulent Plant

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It is an evergreen herbaceous perennial plant forming dense stands, spreading by way of its creeping rhizome.

Scilla Violacea, Ledebouria Pauciflora - Plant

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Scilla socialis Baker Scilla violacea Hutch. Ledebouria socialis, the silver squill or wood hyacinth, is a geophytic species of bulbous perennial plant native to the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa.

Parodia leninghausii - Cactus Plant

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Parodia leninghausii or the Yellow Tower Cactus is an interesting clustering cactus that has round columnar stems that are coated in yellow/light brown spines that are generally harmless.

Notocactus rutilans - Cactus Plant

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Parodia rutilans, best known as Notocactus rutilans, is a small-growing, usually solitary, cactus species. The numerous stiff, sharp spines are varicoloured and the center is reddish-brown.

Sansevieria trifasciata Hahnii, Snake Plant - Plant

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Sansevieria trifasciata has broad strap-like, upright leaves that are dark green and marked with a pattern of wavy cross stripes in a lighter color. The striping gives it the common name of snake plant.

Croton Gold Dust (Big Leaves)- Plant

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The croton plant is one of the most dramatic. Warm tropical colours and exotic lobed leaves make it a beautiful addition to any brightly lit room

Croton Variegatum Duck Foot, Tishul Croton, Codiaeum Variegatum Duck Foot - Plant

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Croton foliage color can be creating the beautiful screening in your garden.

Thimble Cactus, Mammillaria vetula - Cactus Plant

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Mammillaria gracilis, is a small cactus with somewhat slender, cylindrical, bright green body clustering and branching freely, but the offsets easily detached.

About Top Indoor Draught Tolerent

Indoor Drought Tolerant are the plants which can grow in a house or indoor condition with minimum water. Drought Tolerant plants require infrequent water for their better growth. Drought Tolerant plants can grow well in a dry spell. 
The greenery of Indoor Draught Tolerant plants plays an important role in providing a pleasant and calm environment in which to move, work, live or relax. The Indoor plants help to reduce the stress and create a feeling of well-being. Indoor plants also help to reduce the toxic pollutant from the air and improve the air quality. 
Top Indoor Draught Tolerant plants like Snake plants, Scilla Violacea, Croton. The Drought Tolerant plants have amazing variegated leaves which boost the house interior. Also, you can enjoy your holiday and do not worry about your Indoor Draught Tolerant plants. 

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