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Top 10 Wall Top Plants

Rhoeo Spathacea Compacta - Plant

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Rhoeo makes an excellent and fast growing ground cover in the garden to make your home elegant and beautiful.

Rhoeo Spathacea Tricolor, Rhoeo Variegated - Plant

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In most areas, Rhoeo is considered an annual, though, in fact, it is a tender perennial which will increase the beauty of your home or garden.

Money Plant, Scindapsus (Green) - Plant

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The Money plant (Pothos) is easy to grow climber plant. E. aureum (Scientific name) is an evergreen vine.

Asparagus Meyeri - Plant

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Asparagus Meyeri produces arching two-foot fronds of dense light green needles, creating the illusion of a pack of upright foxtails.

Money Plant Marble Queen - Plant

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Money plant have unique place in houseplants grown indoors. It is common belief that having money plant at home brings wealth, health, prosperity and happiness. They are climbers by nature

Fish Tail Fern - Plant

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The fish tail fern is a shade-loving plant. It is an excellent hanging basket plant and it does well outdoors too.

Money plant Marble queen (Hanging basket) - Plant

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You can decorate your balcony with Money plant Marble queen which is in the hanging basket.

Tree Fern, Silver Lady Fern - Plant

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The many leaflets of each frond are shiny green and slightly drooping. There are several forms distinguished by having either narrower, wider or more pointed leaflets.

About Top 10 Wall Top Plants

For most of us, home isn’t just a place; it’s rather a feeling where we feel safe and happy. At home, we all have a favorite spot to relax our body and clear our minds. Its always been the plants kept on the balcony walls, plants in wall planters who have proven to be perfect stress relievers.
Above are the top 10 plants to make your complete house walls green and beautiful. 


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