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Top 10 Hard to Kill House Plants

Chlorophytum, Spider Plant - Plant

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Chlorophytum Comosum Bonnie has the traditional green with white stripe variegation of the Vittatum but it is leaves curl and bend. The flowering stems are yellow and plantlet are curly like the parent.

Rhoeo Spathacea Tricolor, Rhoeo Variegated - Plant

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In most areas, Rhoeo is considered an annual, though, in fact, it is a tender perennial which will increase the beauty of your home or garden.

Elephant bush, Portulacaria afra, Jade plant (Green) - Succulent Plant

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The Jade plant is the ultimate symbol of prosperity in China. It s flat round leaves and compact shape makes it the Asian equivalent of a money tree.

Variegated elephant bush, Portulacaria afra variegata, Jade plant variegated - Succulent Plant

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The variegated foliage of Portulaca can boost the garden beauty.

Peace Lily, Spathiphyllum - Plant

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Peace Lily, is a very popular indoor houseplant. It is a clump-growing herbaceous perennial which produces white flowers which look like the hood of a cobra.

Podocarpus Macrophyllus, Buddhist Pine, Fern Pine - Plant

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This is a plant which grows very big when planted in the ground but remains a shrub or a small tree when grown in a tub or pot.

Croton Variegatum Duck Foot, Tishul Croton, Codiaeum Variegatum Duck Foot - Plant

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Croton foliage color can be creating the beautiful screening in your garden.

Pandanus Variegated (Golden) - Plant

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The plant is rare in the wild but is widely cultivated. It is an upright, green plant with fan-shaped sprays of long, narrow, blade-like leaves and woody aerial roots. The plant is sterile, with flowers only growing very rarely, and is propagated by cuttings.

Ficus Compacta Variegated - Plant

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Ficus compacta a species of fig tree, native to South and Southeast Asia and Australia. The thick shiny evergreen leaves generously cloth the long branches.

Buxus Bodinieri, Bodinier's Boxwood - Plant

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It is a trending plant in the home and office, mainly because they look like a typical tree with a single trunk and a spreading canopy.

Grape Ivy - Plant

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Grape ivy, also known as oakleaf ivy, is the most widely grown species of Cissus. It has shiny, deep green leaves. The plant develops curling tendrils that cling to a stake or trellis.

About Top 10 Hard to Kill House Plants

Hard to kill house plants will survive well under low light conditions and thrive without regular watering and feeding. These are outstanding indoor plants which add to the beauty and feel of the interior design. Apart from being easy care beginners plants, these plants are proven to be very effective in cleaning the indoor air pollutants, improving humidity levels and boosting the mental and physical health.

Even if you love houseplants, you probably don’t have lots of extra hours in your schedule to devote to watering, pruning, and generally keeping your plants alive. We’ve all had a few innocent plants succumb to neglect over the years. Fortunately, we’ve found some great houseplants that are difficult to kill.

Hardy houseplants like ZZ plant, Snake Plant, English Ivy, Spider plants, cactus and succulents etc. These popular plants are every where at the moment, You can make your balcony, Living rooms beautiful with these lovely and hardy plants similarly it will bring an instant style boost to your office also.


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