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Top 10 Ground Covers

Pilea Artillery, Pilea Microphylla - Plant

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A varied group of upright and trailing plants valued chiefly for their foliage.

Rhoeo Spathacea Compacta - Plant

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Rhoeo makes an excellent and fast growing ground cover in the garden.

Rhoeo Spathacea Tricolor, Rhoeo Variegated - Plant

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In most areas, Rhoeo is considered an annual, though, in fact, it is a tender perennial.

Wedelia, Sphagneticola Trilobata - Plant

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Blooms profusely with 1 yellow-orange flowers, which are borne singly on the end of each stem. Plant creeps and roots at nodes, making a dense ground cover.

Ophiopogon Jaburan Green, Ophiopogon Green - Plant

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This plant is ornamentally grown for its tufts of grass-like leaves.It is an evergreen, sod-forming perennial plant.

Asparagus Meyeri - Plant

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Asparagus Meyeri produces arching two-foot fronds of dense light green needles, creating the illusion of a pack of upright foxtails.

Milky Way Ribbon Grass, Chlorophytum Charlotte - Plant

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Any tiny segment of root or rhizome can spout and spread. Use of soil barriers should be considered at the time of planting to prevent rhizomes from spreading into unwanted areas.

About Top 10 Ground Covers

Groundcover is any plant that grows over an area of ground. It provides protection of the topsoil from erosion and drought. It acts as an insulating cover for the soil, keeping it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It is living mulch that helps to build up humus levels in the soil. It provides habitats and cover for beneficial insects and other predators.

Flowering ground covers are considered very beneficial for the landscaper. They offer both beauty and function, giving your yard color while simultaneously helping you fight weeds and control erosion. We have flowering ground cover like Wedelia and foliage ground cover like Rhoeo, Pilea, and Ribbon grass.

If you are seeking a solution for a problem area, ground covers can get the job done without making you compromise on display value. A good ground cover is one that requires the least maintenance, yet does not look uncultured or weedy. We provide top 10 easy to grow and maintain ground cover for you.

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